12 Mistakes You’ll Make During A Breakup – The First Time You Get Dumped

One of the worst feelings ever is getting dumped, especially when it’s happening for the first time ever. Going through a breakup is bad enough as it is, but it gets even worse when you’re the one being rejected and turned down. Since there are so many complicated emotions happening at this time, you’re bound to make some mistakes that will only prolong your misery.

Don’t feel bad if you’ve done these things more than once. I’m not (really) ashamed to say that I have made all of these breakup mistakes and I’m confident that I’m not the only one. Getting dumped makes you feel miserable. Getting over someone you really care about is so hard! So figuring out the right way to act while also dealing with all of those hurt feelings is super difficult. But in an effort to make things easier for you, here are 12 mistakes you’ll make the first time you get dumped in a breakup. Maybe knowing what they are will help you avoid them next time.

Have you ever been dumped? Did you make any of these mistakes? What other breakup mistakes did I miss? Tell me in the comments.


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  • Alec Js

    I like the article, regarding the part where u said u demand closure, but really just want to see the person…. this is true, however if someone broke up with u via phone, text,email (anything other than face-to-face) than demaning closure in person is justified. It goes further than wanting an excuse to see the person. Let’s be real, dumping someone over phone, text,or email simply denies someone………….. well… everything.

  • LostLove

    This was such an amazing article! I’m going through a tough break-up with someone I’d consider my first love. Everything in this article was spot on and instantly clicked with me. I, too, have learned that ending all contact with him for now is the best route to take.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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