10 Crazy Interesting Facts About Orgasms (And Why You Should Have One Today)

Do we really need to remind you guys that orgasms are amazing? I don’t think so, but hey, we could always use encouragement to have more of them, right? Believe it or not, orgasms aren’t only about feeling good (although that is the important part). Having an orgasm also comes with a bunch of awesome  health benefits that everyone should know about.

So, whether you’re doing it yourself or getting a partner to help you get down and dirty, you should try to have an orgasm today. You don’t need to tell me how! Just do it, girl. Still not convinced? Read these 10 crazy and interesting facts about the health benefits of orgasms… then get to it.

Now watch the hilarious Jamie Petitto break down these orgasm facts!

What are your reasons for having an orgasm? What did I miss? Which health benefit do you think is the coolest? Tell me in the comments.


How do you know if you’ve REALLY had an orgasm?

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  • Rebecca:)

    I masturbate and it does relieve stress!I think it helps me relax and just feel good. And i feel horny and its just so nice. It helps with cramps (i think)

  • Anne b.

    Okay, so this sounds really weird, but I recently discovered during masterbation that touching my urethral opening is waaaayy better for me than touching my actual clitoris… I have no idea why or if this is normal!!! Please, somebody halp!!

    • NorthStarSea

      That’s totally normal! There are a lot of nerves there, so it would make sense if you enjoy a particular spot over another. Lots of people use the opening of the urethra for sexual pleasure. Not weird at all!