10 Reasons You Should Break Up With Your Boyfriend Before You Go Away To College

I know what I’m about to write is going to make a lot of girls angry, but guys… I have to say this. I have to! Here goes: you should break up with your high school boyfriend before you go away to college. Seriously.

Like I said, I realize that a lot of you will probably disagree. And before you say it, yes, I also realize that there are plenty of high school sweetheart relationships that survive long-distance college years. I’m not saying that no one can do it. I’m just saying that I don’t think you should. I think that if you’re about to start your first year of college in a different school far away from your current boyfriend, you guys should skip the year or two of trying to make it work and just go straight to starting off school being single. 

I know, I know… you don’t want to break up with your boyfriend. You love him, he makes you smile, you think you can do the whole long-distance thing, you’re happy with him. I get it. I was once in your position (I made the wrong choice and regret it more than anything). But trust me on this one – you don’t want to go off to college in a committed relationship. Oh, you don’t trust me? Besides the fact that I have seen countless couples attempt to do this and have never witnessed one of them make it through, I also put together a list of reasons that it won’t work. Because, let’s be honest, it probably won’t… and this is why:

Would you stay with your BF if you were both going to different colleges? Have you done it before? How did it work out for you? Do you agree or disagree with me? Tell me in the comments.


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  • Carrie

    I met my boyfriend in high school when I was 16. We went to the same college together but did different courses and lived together during our years of college. We always got on really well and only fought over stupid things. We’re now engaged to be married next year, and still going strong. There’s hope for everyone don’t worry about it, I didn’t :)

  • Susie

    Guy please help! I want completely honest opinions. I have been dating a great guy for the last year and I don’t want to end this relationship. We have so much in common and I trust him with all my heart. I’ve truly never been able to connect with a guy the way I’ve connected with him. However, even though I love him for so many reasons, there are also some reasons why I don’t. He has a big temper and we fight a lot. In the past year, we have come very close to breaking up multiple times and now I keep thinking, if we have come so close to breaking up before, how is it going to work in the future? Plus, now I’m going off to college four hours away and I keep thinking, maybe there is a better guy out there for me that I can connect with and won’t fight with too often. I love my current boyfriend, but I’m wondering #1 Is it time to break up (temporarily or permanently) and #2 If it is time, how do I break up with him without breaking his heart and completely cutting him off. I care so much about this guy.

  • sonya

    but i mean i dnt agree with this not to be rude but its good to give pp your opinion and experience. In my opinion tho i say if the guy your with is worth it and you are in love with him and feel theres no need to breakup with him than dont! You only live once take chances! Never give up! Long distance does bring your relationship stronger!

  • sonya

    im in a long distance with my bf now and hes at new york and im in cali its so different from how we been last year seeing eachother Almost EVERY DAY. He left in august 21 and finally got to see him all this week but he went back for his finals this wk so hes gone for another wk but then comes back for a whole month!!! but then leaves for 3 more months but than after tht hes here the whole summer for like 4 months!!! ((: it isnt so bad as i thought it wud have been we talk everyday and yeah ima be honest in the begginning it was so hard and we were on and off but now i think its possible we can do it. i miss him sso much evn tho i just saw him yesterday but me and him are bein strong and we arent holding eachother back on NUN!!!

  • ec

    I am the boyfriend in one of these cases. long distance did not work for me. worse yet i was invited up the 2nd year and showed up a day early. did not work for me. a guy was hanging all over my girlfriend and it just totally blew up. he was just sitting on her bed marking his territory. the whole situation got so bad that i never gave up and pushed her further away. College is a place to find yourself free and to try new things. i will never get over her but we should have separated before. can it work. yes. both partners have to be completely honest. by the way. she married the guy. know nothing else. absolutely awful experience

  • Anna

    I don’t really agree with Jessica, but it’s worth listening to because she went through it and saw people go through it. But don’t let it discourage you girls. If you really Love someone and can’t live without them stay with them! College is a big step but it’s not going to change your whole life. Don’t break up with someone just because of college. Just go with your gut instinct because only you know what’s best for you.

  • Faby

    I believe it really depends on the person. I have a high school sweetheart as well and i’m planning to find time for everything in my life. Although we won’t be going to the same school , I’m willing to have prioritize my time and events. I believe it really depends on the determination of people. Currently, I’m really scared of what’s going to happen between us;however, we both are really motivated people. If you know you’re capable of handling things in an emotional sense, then you can do it. You just have to be very determined.

  • Hilarity

    While my situation was a bit different, I can relate to this. I already had an LDR with a guy through the last half of my senior year of high school and through the summer. When I started my first year of college that August, I missed out on sooo much fun, friends, and experiences I could have had. While my roommate went out and easily made friends daily, I stayed cooped up in our dorm all day wasting my time talking to my guy on the computer. I didn’t want to go out and meet new people at the time because I was so focused on him, even when I knew the relationship was doomed from the beginning (it started online). If I could go back and change it, I would. I probably would have met my current boyfriend earlier.

  • Britt

    I really don’t agree with this. Just because you have a boyfriend living somewhere else doesn’t mean he’s going to hold you back or ruin your college experience.

  • Faith

    WTF? if having a boyfriend makes it harder to meet new people and have amazing experiences, you should break up with him even if you’re in the same school. -.-
    The whole article felt so… “upside down” to me.

    Being in a relationship may be hard because of distance but… I don’t understand why you should break up if you’re happy. Just for fear of what’s coming? It feels like wasting life. Well, that’s just my opinion.

  • Courteney

    All of these things are true, but what if you personally feel staying with your high school boyfriend is the best choice? There is no reason that you have to be held back by being apart from him. I will be a senior in high school and my boyfriend will be a junior and we have already began to plan out how we can make things work. We both want to try to go to the same college so we would only be LDR for a year. We go on college trips together so we can try to work out where would be best for both of us. I know plenty of people who have stayed with their high school boyfriend, stayed LDR throughout college, and ended up getting married. What if you break up with your high school boyfriend and miss out with what could have been? If you love who you are with, there should be no reason to end it.

  • Madeline

    What if you are already in a great long distance relationship?
    I mean i get it about missing out but, my boyfriend and I don’t hold each other back now…

    • Faith

      I totally agree with Madeline :)

    • Risa

      I agree completely! Your boyfriend should be encouraging you to get off the phone with him and meet new people. If your boyfriend IS holding you back from experiencing any new thing.. Then he isn’t the right guy for you! My boyfriend supports everything that I do and encourages me to always step outside my comfort zone. I do the same to him. ^_^

  • Niesa

    I’m in a relationship right now and I’m going to college next year. I’m a senior because I went to a special programme which makes me graduate a year faster than my BF. I know the consequences of having a relationship on my last year and yes, I was hesitant at first, we talked about how LDR are difficult and that at the end we’re not going to be able to be together like now but we figured that we’re just gonna take the leap and be happy with each other, even in a short period of time. It’s my last year here and I just want to make the best memories possible. Also, we made a promise that whatever happens next year we’re still gonna be friends, just like we have been the past 10 years.

  • Tanner

    You forgot the most important one. College is a place where people push themselves and plan for the future. As a bonus, the college has already gotten rid of the dumb, lazy, and unmotivated guys. Guys there are almost guaranteed to be motivated, intelligent, and going places. Also, how cool would it be to have someone give you compliments not just on how you look this morning, but how you kicked total ass on the test yesterday?

  • x

    Go to fucking hell jessica booth

    • Kate

      Wow, she was only saying what she thought and even said she knows a lot of people don’t agree with her views. I think it was a well written article, despite the apparently controversial topic.

      • Lizzy

        Kates right. Its ridiculous to tell someone to go to hell just because they have a different opinion.

  • Adriana

    Total agree with everything! I went into my first year of college with a boyfriend but I ended up breaking up with him after being with him for over 3 years. I thought we could make it work because I was going to be going to school 50 miles away from home but I knew/ felt I was missing out on so much because of him. I missed out on going to the club with my friends, meeting new people and taking advantage of many opportunities. I love the guy but I had to come to terms with the fact that I had to put myself first.
    Love is great but it is the worse feeling in the world to see something so special and wonderful become something with so much resent and negativity.

  • leyla

    Wait..people have said high school is the best four years of your life? Hah, that’s a good joke.