Would You Rather: Disney Princesses and Princes Edition

Be honest: Who would you rather smang? | Source: Disney

Be honest: Who would you rather smang? | Source: Disney

Okay, who wasn’t attracted to a Disney prince or princess when they were growing up? If you say that you weren’t then you’re lying. Who didn’t think that Aladdin was a bit of a hottie? Who wasn’t at least a little attracted to Jasmine when she was in that red outfit? Come on, even with my limited little kid perspective I knew she was a babe.

Be honest with yourselves for just a second.

So would you rather hook up with Ariel or Pocahontas? Prince Eric or Prince Phillip? Take our Would You Rather polls and decide what romantic scenarios you’d rather get into.


So which Disney characters would you want to get down and dirty with? Who did I miss? How many Gurl.com readers will point out that some of these characters aren’t technically princes or princesses? Tell us in the comments!


Would You Rather: Hot Nerds Edition

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  • dot

    Oooowee i wish tarzan was on here i love me some tarzan i wouldnt mind getting to know his wild side *hint hint*

  • dot

    I soooooooo wish tarzan was on here *whew!

  • Zooey

    OMG Aladdin and Shang were my cartoon crushes as a kid! Lol!

  • Fran

    I’m in love with Flynn Rider from Tangled and Shang from Mulan! I fangirled because I went canyoning last month, and the instructor was the double of Shang (except real…) So attractive!

  • Gorgeous Ty

    This was WAYYY uncomfortable thats why i didnt do it. Who the f*** thinks of having sex with cartoon characters???/

  • LD

    Jasmin or Pocahontas cause they flaunt it.. Or the mermaid cause she gave her voice to get legs so she couldn’t complain or whatever!

    (Btw i have a younger sister, I don’t sit there watching Disney films like a perv!)

  • toly

    totally have sex with Aurora prince phillip !! *~*

  • cutiebootie4eva

    i like thinking about sex is that wierd?

  • Nobody

    jasmine.. i would do anything with her lmao

  • NorthStarSea

    It cracked me up when I realized that the prince from Snow White doesn’t even have a name!!

    • Christy

      Lol, he does! It’s Florian. It’s just no one ever remembers it.

      • Lol

        Lol, FLORIAN!

  • Victoria

    Hercules in a heart beat. He has always been my cartoon crush. I would bang him. He is always awesome. With a big heart.

    • b.

      hahahah 😀

      • amelia

        hes just a bit too stuck up for my taste… aladin’s my guy

  • Julianna

    this made me uncomfortable

  • Jillian

    I love how it’s 50/50 with the beast.