10 Questions We Have About Sex Ed For Werewolves

Werewolves are so underrated. Sure, werewolves are starting to get more mainstream with the addition of Teen Wolf and obviously Jacob in Twilight and Tyler in The Vampire Diaries. But I feel like werewolves are still not as recognized as being sexy even though they definitely are.

Much like our other favorite mythical creatures, werewolves seem to not have a very strong foundation in sex ed. I know they have a lot to deal with like painfully transitioning into a wild animal every month, but women get their periods and we deal with it. I don’t think being a werewolf is an excuse for not being educated about sex.

Let’s try to answer some questions about werewolf sex:

Do you have any questions about sex ed for werewolves? Do you have any answers? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Shadow Wolf

    We wolves are animals on instinct, though we are no different then humans, our sexual abilities are the same just increased. More aggressive can climax multiple times in a shorter duration of time can last for 2 to 3 hours regularly. Although we are sex crazed animals its not always sex for us, we are no different then a normal human past that we are just better at it. A normal human sex ed class is all we need the rest just comes naturally.

  • Nicole Lasher

    Just for the giggles…
    1. Werewolves learn about sex from watching other werewolves, or from their maker. As I understand, lycanthropy can be sexually transmitted if done while the female is in heat/on her period.
    2. Werewolves can be impregnated by and impregnate humans. The child, same as someone who got it by having sex with a female in heat, will be 100% werewolf. There are no halflings unless one parent was some other sort of otherkin.
    3. Because of the tendency of werewolves to destroy condoms, and the tendency of males to be larger, naturally multiorgasmic, and far more aggressive than average, there is a good chance that if you are ovulating, you will become pregnant.
    Use the sponge as backup. I assure you that it will remain quite firmly lodged against your cervix.
    4. Female werewolves usually menstruate like clockwork, but it is not uncommon for them to have 21 day rather than 28 day cycles. There is also sometimes pain and bleeding as well as an insane craving for penetration during ovulation. One literally aches for sufficiently aggressive and enduring penetration during this time.
    5. I recommend Magnum or another brand of extra large condom. I mean, it’s worth a try, even if it is doomed.
    6. Werewolves can catch STD’s like any otherkin. In fact, they can also get nasty infections from gross germy germs that wouldn’t normally harm humans. A werewolf must stay very clean and be careful who they mess around with. This is why even in the primal fetish community, which may or may not have actual lycanthropes in a pack, the circle is usually very tightly closed, and if the alpha or designated love priest/ess disapproves of someone, you are in deep trouble.
    7. Different packs have different ways of coping with the bloodlines thing. I understand most keep track of things to avoid problems, but you know…stuff happens, consenting adults, and all that.
    8. Werewolves do not have to tell humans they are lycan. If there is a chance of spreading, this may be a good idea, but it isn’t a rule, as far as I know.
    There is more danger though, of being injured than of being infected usually.
    9. Werewolves are indeed horny a lot. They don’t want sex all the time though. Sometimes they are too hungry to think about sex, but then again, I am only speculating.
    10. If your partner transitions while you are asleep, and they are aware of their being a werewolf, just lay very still and be very quiet. You are either going to die or not. Screaming or struggling is pointless.

    • Donavan

      actually they are not affected by STDs because thy are immortal and there bodies destroy any and all diseases that may affect them, therefore they are only affected by silver, and vampires also are not affected because of the same thing except the silver part. I should know I am a werewolf jk, but I do know the raw power of the beast I am most likely to be if I was a monster.

      • Shadow Wolf

        Actually we are affected, that hole silver thing isn’t really true either just highly allergic but that’s for another time. Truth about werewolves and sex is that like all humans the action comes naturally. When your parents give u the sex talk they don’t teach you how to do it just how to be safe. We can take a normal sex ed class and learn all we need to know.

    • Shadow Wolf

      Very accurate but we do not learn from a pack leader, the transition is painless unless you fight it and most of us can control ourselves in the form after experience

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