10 Sex & Hookup Tips From Katniss In GIFs

It’s no secret that we’re obsessed with The Hunger Games here at Gurl. Katniss Everdeen is one of the greatest female heroines ever. She’s tough, independent and isn’t afraid to break the rules to do what’s right.

Katniss had to overcome a lot during the games. I mean, being forced to go against your peers and kill each other is pretty stressful. But in the midst of a terrifying situation, Katniss managed to find love! And we were able to gain some knowledge in the sex and hookup department from our favorite tough girl.

Click through for 10 sex and hookup tips from Katniss Everdeen, the girl on fire!

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  • Alan Rodrigues

    Sorry, but I just gotta say: Katniss is pretty much none of the things you just said she was. Katniss is not “tough” and “independent”, she’s a frail and indecisive girl who most of the time is wondering about how she can get away from all the stuff that’s thrown at her, never really making any decisions while making matters way worse every time she tries, whether it is by confusing other people’s feelings a wee bit more or simply by being dumb and falling into traps. She doesn’t “break the rules to do what’s right”, she breaks the rules to save her ass and damn be the world, she’d have run away and never looked back at least a dozen times if it wasn’t for other people yelling “stay put and fight” at her. She didn’t “go against your peers and kill each other”, she ran away pretty much the whole time, avoiding conflict partly because she didn’t want to kill anyone, but mostly because she didn’t have the guts to. And she didn’t “find love”, she used Peeta for about two books before finally realizing she catch feelings… too late, and then whining about it for another book. It’s not that I don’t like her, but those things are clear to anyone who actually paid atention to the books.

    • layla hummers

      I personally think that katniss didn’t perform to her best abililty. Not to mention they didn’t give peeta his spot light which I think he rightfully deserved. Though I didn’t even like some ideas from the book so them/moviemakers taking out juicy parts dulled my enthusiasm for the movie. However I still read every book and every movie they came up with and I plan to do the same for mockingjay. But here’s a nice prom for those (like me)who are sick of people calling Catching Fire Hunger Games2 : Roses are white,Nightlock is blue,Its called Catching Fire,Not Hunger Games 2. Anyway I hope you were able to enjoy the books and movies more than I did. Before I finish I will say the cemestry between Peeta and Katniss was very strong on Peeta’s behalf and growing on Katniss’s. -LAYLA HUMMERS

  • Jillian

    I love Katniss, and Jennifer Lawrence. (And don’t forget Peeta <3)