GIF My Life: Realizing That Your Date Sucks

First dates are all a jumble of nerve and expectations.  Sometimes they go smoothly, sometimes they don’t, but the worst is when the date straight up sucks. Like, really, really sucks.

It’s easy to feel like a fool when you realize that the date you were so excited about is so crappy that you can’t even laugh about it afterwards with your friends. You go in thinking that you’re super compatible with someone and then suddenly you realize that the joke’s on you.

You lose, don’t pass go, try again.

GIF Girl knows about this all too well. Here’s a little story about her latest disastrous loser date.


So I get all excited to go on my date. Getting all primped and making sure I look marginally cute.


I go to the restaurant where I’m supposed to meet my date. And they’re late.


Really really late.


Until finally they show up with a goofy smile of their face and an apology.

justin-timberlake-smile rihanna-smile-gif

I forgive them because hey, they’re cute, I’m cute, let’s move past this.


But then it’s time to order and they’re totally rude to the waiter.


Then we try to have a normal conversation but all they do is talk about themselves.


And when the food comes they eat like a pig (which is saying a lot since I eat like a horse).


Then they talk about all the other hot girlfriends they’ve had in the past, as if I’m supposed to be impressed.


Then we start seeing if we’re really as compatible as I thought. So we talk about TV shows.

“Oh, I hate The Fosters.”


“Naya Rivera is hideous.”


“I love Two-And-A-Half Men.”


I can handle plenty of differing opinions, okay? But then it happens: The deal breaker.

“Yeah I think feminism is stupid, I don’t really see the point. We’re all equal, you know?”


That’s it. Done.


I make up some excuse to leave early and bounce.


Flop date was a flop, but there are plenty of other fish in the sea. Which is good because the fish I ordered for dinner was a little underwhelming.


What your worst first date experience? Have you ever left a date early? Tell us in the comments!

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