August Horoscopes 2013


Dreaming is so much easier in the summer. Nurture your softer side. You need to be well rested for the fall. Which is usually more demanding than is comfortable for you. Fill up on non-addictive fun. You are prone to attaching to things that need fixing. This is a great quality, but remember, the Universe helps those who help themselves. So to make real world progress take some action. Any action will do. You are blessed with a powerful imagination. Einstein said: “Imagination is more powerful than knowledge.” Don’t doubt your inner visions. Move in the direction of your dreams.

Music Match: Beyonce, “4” to inspire you to achieve your dreams

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  • GemmaSaunders

    This totally applies to me! I feel so lucky to be a Libra! 😀

  • Brianna

    this is me…

    • hope90

      is it

  • Emily

    Wait this seriously applies to me perfectly