August Horoscopes 2013


You are at the beginning of a lucky streak that will last the next 12 years. It takes lucky Jupiter that long to travel a sign. You can expect for good things to come to you. Life will expand. Lucky opportunities will present themselves. Be ready to receive the abundance in whatever form it comes to you. You have been working hard for change, and now you can truly see the fruits of your efforts. Remember what you are aiming for and shoot for the stars. Katy Perry is right: You’re even brighter than the moon. Let yourself shine.

Music Match: Katy Perry, “Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection” to celebrate your lucky streak

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  • GemmaSaunders

    This totally applies to me! I feel so lucky to be a Libra! 😀

  • Brianna

    this is me…

    • hope90

      is it

  • Emily

    Wait this seriously applies to me perfectly