August Horoscopes 2013


You can be much more free in the months of summer. Moving about is important to you. Inquiring and investigating, then communicating what you discovered with that super fast mind of yours may be your calling. It’s never too early to be who you are meant to be. Follow your instincts. Find projects you can finish in a short period of time so you can move on to the next exciting discovery. Practice being clear. Clarity equals peace of mind and quality sleep. Be as funny as possible at almost all times; this, you are natural at. Bring joy to the world.

Music Match: Icona Pop, “Iconic” for your fast mind

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  • GemmaSaunders

    This totally applies to me! I feel so lucky to be a Libra! 😀

  • Brianna

    this is me…

    • hope90

      is it

  • Emily

    Wait this seriously applies to me perfectly