August Horoscopes 2013


Summer is good to you. Indulge your sensual side with all kinds of pleasures. See if you can live without routine for a while. Change things up a bit, or better yet, a lot. You can get fixed in one way of being, this shuts off a world of experience of joy and most importantly, wisdom. Be open, practice saying yes! Be sure to get lots of long walks this month. August is a wonderful time to let your creative self out to play. Whether it’s painting, cooking or writing a song, being creative feeds an important part of yourself. Eat!

Music Match: Macklemore, “The Heist” to help foster your creativity

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  • GemmaSaunders

    This totally applies to me! I feel so lucky to be a Libra! 😀

  • Brianna

    this is me…

    • hope90

      is it

  • Emily

    Wait this seriously applies to me perfectly