20 Signs Your Boyfriend Sucks

Unfortunately, bad relationships happen all the time. Somehow, you wind up with someone who you just don’t click with – but even though things aren’t going well, you really like that person and so you try super hard to make it work. But it doesn’t work because, sometimes, your boyfriend sucks and you’re dating a loser. 

It may be hard to realize that you have a terrible boyfriend when you’re in the middle of a relationship, which is why someone needs to be the one to tell you that you need to dump that dude, ASAP. That’s why we’re here – to let you know that your boyfriend isn’t worth your time. If you’re having any doubts about your relationship, read these 20 signs that your boyfriend sucks… and then break up with him.


He flirts with other girls in front of you, then blows you off when you get mad at him for it. Not okay! 

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He gets annoyed and sulky whenever you have a girl’s night. Chill, man. 

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He’s selfish when it comes to hooking up. He really doesn’t care if you finished strong, as long as he did. He’ll get ya next time, k babe? 

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He ignores your texts or calls whenever he feels like it without an explanation. And you’re left feeling like, WTF is going on?! 

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He’s rude or disrespectful to your family and they all basically hate him. 

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He’s jealous of everything you do. You can’t even look at another dude without him asking if you’re cheating. 

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He blames you during every single argument you two have, even if it really was his fault. He ALWAYS manages to turn it around. 

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You always feel like nothing you do is ever good enough for him. Not cool, girl. 

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He flirts with your friends and they’re just like, “Ew.” 

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He relies on you for everything but when you ask him for a favor, he says no.

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He has no ambition and doesn’t care about anything. Grow up, dude.

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He makes important plans with you then just bails for no real reason. Usually because he doesn’t feel like it or “something better” came up. 

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He never wants to take you out on real dates. You guys have basically never gone out to dinner. 

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You stop talking about him to your best friends because you’re sick of hearing them tell you he’s a loser. 



He makes fun of you all the time and not in a cute, jokey way, but in a really mean way. 

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He breaks up with you all the time or threatens to break up with you all the time. One word: manipulation. 

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He thinks he’s the best thing to enter your life. Relax.

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He never wants to hang out with your friends, but always insists that you two hang with his boys.

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He suggests that you may want to start working out more.

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You sometimes wonder if you should end things… before you convince yourself he’ll change one day. 

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Can you relate to any of these signs? Have you ever dated anyone like this? Are any of your friends dating a bad guy? Tell me in the comments.


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  • levvlynnXoXo

    My boyfriend is selfish and inconsiderate. I can’t seem to leave him because there are things I love about him when he’s not being that way.

  • Dina Strange

    U mean somebody actually dates a loser like that?

  • Guurl200

    How about those jerks who are out all weekend long drinking with his friends and always “forget” to answer the phone or can’t because the battery was dead. If you’re mad and get crazy about it the next day they try to put the blame on you like “you gotta chill babe/ be understanding/ I know I have some thinking to do/ relax/ you’re acting doesn’t help at all… Oh my gosh grow up boy I’m so tired of it…

  • Thomas A.

    Most of these are asshole signs. But regarding just a couple of these theses:
    Who’s to say what a “real date” is?
    As a guy, I’m getting sick of your snobby upper-class bullshit obligating guys to pay our for expensive dinners, as it that should be the fabric of love and relationships – implication: You’re a loser if you aren’t relatively rich.
    It’s nothing but a cultural custom from the time where only men had jobs and made money.

    • Stephanie St. John

      A real date is planned. It can be a cheap picnic in the park. Its about being out of the houset and bonding. No stupid video games or phone apps. Its togetherness. A real date can be dollar menu items in the mountains or a trip to the beach. Its not about the price tag. Its about connecting.

  • lala

    Um arent basically all men like this or most of these? This is why relationships are pointless the the most part… What is the point….they will only take from you and make you miserable

  • b

    dating him now for almost 5 yrs. he was great for the first 1.5 years. now he just sucks the big one. TODAY is my birthday..but hes busy. hasnt even called. when i asked him yesterday if we were doing anything for my b day he says”Im totally broke babe”..a few hrs. later he tells me its suppose to rain so he’ll probably take his daughter to see a movie…WTF. we’ve had 5 wedding dates. in which he cancelled all of them, mid planning. hes not treating me right and I know it which it pisses me off. I just dont know where that awesome guy went! if he ever does call i dont think Im picking up. he can kiss it.

  • juststopalready

    Unfortunately 9 an a half to 10 I can relate to no matter what I say im wrong he’s always right we argue a lot he’s become a total turn off to me he’s so controlling everything is his time I am having trouble breaking it off because he lives with me were stuck in a lease he won’t leave im hoping once he gets his taxes he’ll bounce!!!

  • S

    Actually, encourage someone to work out is good! If it’s for your health and keep you in shape, then it means they care about you. As someone who has sport rutine and knows the benefits of it, I also encourage my BF to do so because he almost do nothing and I want him to keep looking good and be healthy 🙂
    But if it’s just for loose weight and to look like a model to them, then it’s rude.

    • Jessica Booth

      You’re right! But in this case, we mean if he’s doing it to be rude and not helpful.

  • Coleen23

    My boyfriend seems to always be too busy for me and when he’s here it’s like he isint really here we have had words and he has got a lot better but it still feels like he hasn’t got time for me there’s always something else more important to do .. When we first got together we loved seeing eachother and now it’s just not the same what shall I do ??

  • k8luv

    wow thats wow omg my friend needed this thx now shell c what a dick he really is

  • Gicelle

    You should make a ’20 signs your boyfriend is awesome’ now to give us some perspective!

  • LittleRedWolf

    Uuuggghh a former friend of mine dated a guy for YEARS who did so many of these things. He was a first class jerk.

  • Sarah

    Wow…. Reading this has really opened my eyes. My bf does all of these things.

    • shaz123

      just made me sad this….t i love him i know he is better than this. its his sucky frens..damn…der mst be a way to fix it! helllppppp