7 TV Shows/Movies That Give You Unrealistic Expectations About High School

Okay, I went to a pretty eclectic high school that defied a lot of typical American high school norms: We didn’t have cheerleaders, we didn’t have a football team, we didn’t have a dress code and we had art classes complete with nude models. It was a little wacky and artsy, but it was still high school and it still had the same ol’ high school drama.

So even though my school was a little offbeat, that doesn’t mean that I didn’t have a lot of unrealistic expectations about the high school experience. Teen TV shows and movies only amplified those expectations tenfold and made me think that there was some level of truth to it all. Fun fact: There usually wasn’t much truth to it at all. Here’s 7 TV shows and movies that will give you unrealistic expectations about high school.

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  • Fallen Wish

    Daria shouldn’t even be on this list. While it is true that some of the main characters are cynical, they themselves do not believe that they are “better and smarter” than “everyone else”. (They really are smarter than most of their peers though.)The show was basically just a big joke of how shallow and dim-witted society has become today. The show’s main characters are THE MAIN CHARACTERS. We see the world through their point of view and only theirs. The extra people and situations are only there for the plot. And all that bs about making assumptions does not fit the show at all considering the fact that most of the “idiots” on the show have made countless impressions that they really are not the brightest of people. It’s true that making assumptions without getting to know a person is a bad thing to do but then again most people do not need to make assumptions when others have already given their impressions. I guess some people are obviously too dense to understand that. To me this show was very similar to what high school really is like if you count the way how many people act……

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  • Crystal

    When I was in high school we did call ourselves by our “group” names. Band dorks called their selves band dorks and with pride. The jocks and cheerleaders wore those names like a badge of honor. And the outcasts/goths/whatever they wanted to be called at the time knew that’s what they were as well. I was a band dork, a geek, and an outcast. And I felt pride in those groups and when someone called me that. Guess it all depends on how happy you are with who you are.

  • Katy

    Degrassi, why is this not on here!! And I dont mean the new ones but the old degrassi:TNG with like Emma and Manny 🙁

  • Gina

    Waterloo Road scared me to death before starting high school!

  • Robin

    In my highschool, the popular ones should either be “pretty/hot” or have an awesome personality which is very rare in their group, only one girl, which is also pretty. -_- their group is the most social group in our grade (next year ill be in year 11/ grade 10) if you’re socially awkward, nobody likes your personality or they think you’re not pretty enough, then it will be very difficult to be in their group (if you want to).

  • Jessica

    That picture of Ezra and Aria was gross. (LOL. I know, I’m being immature.) But it reminded me of how creepy I thought the relationship was in the first place. I had to keep reminding myself that the situation wasn’t real. But since they keep making the cast seem less like high schoolers, it made it a bit easier.

  • leyla

    I just gotta say, your high school sounds amazing. I wish I could go there!