Movie Quiz: How Well Do You Really Know Brink?

Source: Disney

Source: Disney

Brink! is a classic Disney Channel Original Movie. I mean it pretty much has everything a great DCOM needs: Cute dudes, tough girls, and a lot of awful late ’90s fashion. I remember that I thought that the music seemed so cool and I really wanted to rock bucket hats because of this movie. Yikes…bucket hats.

Anyway, while I’m unsure as to how often Disney Channel plays this classic nowadays, I bet that they don’t play it enough. How else will younger generations appreciate the brilliance of a ragtag team of skaters?

But how well do you know Brink? Take our quiz and find out how well you know this old school DCOM or if you’re  out of the loop.



Seriously, do you remember this movie? What parts were the most memorable to you? Tell us in the comments!


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  • Peter Andreu

    Hi, I would like to dispute this quiz. I believe Gabriella was in both Taina and All That… therefore, I DO KNOW BRINK.