15 People You’ll Meet In High School

I generally don’t like to put people into stereotypes, because I know that everyone is different even if they seem like they fit some sort of mold. However, after my own high school experience and after listening to my younger brother and sister’s high school experiences and after hearing about the experiences of friends who went to different schools, I have to say that there are some kinds of people who just seem to be in every single high school ever.

Unless you went to a really different kind of school, I’m going to go as far as to say that it’s basically guaranteed that you have met these types of people in high school. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing – some of these people are really cool! I mean, some of them are the worst, but what can you do? Here are the 15 people you’ll (probably) meet in high school: 


The drama kid who seems like he/she is straight out of an episode of Glee and you’re just like, this can’t be real. 

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The over-achiever who does EVERYTHING and thus makes you feel really bad about yourself. 

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The bratty girl(s) who thinks she (they) live in a real-life version of Mean Girls. 

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The jock dude who plays all the sports, is super cute, sort of acts like a jerk except usually he’s pretty nice and is kind of totally clueless. 

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The self-proclaimed “nerd” who is actually really cool, different and interesting. 

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The person who is friends with everyone. Everyone loves this person. Everyone. You can’t not! 

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The party animal girl who you like being friends with, but you can’t be around her too much because she’s seriously intense. But she has good stories. 

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The girl who ALWAYS has a boyfriend. Always. 

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The rambunctious trouble-maker who makes everyone laugh even though he/she is sort of annoying. 

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The couple who is sickeningly cute, spends every moment together and always talks about how they’re going to get married. 

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The seniors who think they’re better than everyone else because they’re seniors (relax). 

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The couple who breaks up every other week, hooks up with other people, has a ton of public drama and then inevitably gets back together. 

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The stoner hippies who kind of smell and look like they belong in a different decade. But they’re pretty chill. 

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Source: Tumblr


The hipsters who think they’re WAY too cool for school and try really hard to look bored all the time. 

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The gossip girl who knows everything about everyone, can’t keep a secret and is super fake. 

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Source: Tumblr


Have you met these people in high school? Do you think any of these are wrong? What types of people did I miss? Tell me in the comments!


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  • disqus_kayvRUOpsL

    I am the self proclaimed nerd. XD I looked at this and just smiled.

  • Yabets teferi

    U 4get the student that he thinks he is so cool girls call him THE SEDUCER he can kiss any girl that he want…. Damn he kissed my girls friend

  • Yabets teferi

    U 4got the student that he think he is so cool looks like seducer girls loves him… Shit he kissed my girl friend af

  • selena

    true…met all of these

  • Patrick

    I am definitely the senior who thinks they’re better than everyone else just because they’re a senior

  • Awesomeness

    Well even though i dont see it like that, people usually describe me as a hipster, but i kinda think im a nerd who just so happens to get bored with school. ALL OF THE TIME

  • Nicky

    You forgot band/music dorks. It’s basically all they do and they are the craziest, most perverted and awesome people ever. But they’re family, so I wouldn’t suggest messing with them.

  • sophie

    i am the 6th one…

  • Anne

    Lol I’ve met the bratty girls, the jock, the nerd, the friendly one, trouble maker, couple and hipsters 😛 so true

  • Sara

    Everyone in my highschool was a glee kid, I went to a performing arts highschool

  • Louise

    My so-called best friend is the girl who is friends with everyone and everyone loves her. but she’s also super fake and quite good at hiding that she is a little mean. i’m the only person who knows this because she is oly mean to me! she is always criticizing my clothes, my friendss and my habits, and she always cheers when she gets good grades but wont let me be happy when i get good grades. and both my best guy friends like her and i want them to know the truth but i can’t tell them because i don’t want to hurt them; uggh!!!
    (yes, i am very bitter)

  • Emily

    I’m the 6th one
    My guy choice falls within 4th & 5th..
    Hmmm.. I’ve met everyone on your list.
    Some other stereo-typing:
    – That drug addict kid that shows up to class high.
    – The girl who cant stop fixing her makeup and asking if she has something on her face.
    – The kiss-up who finds someone to chase after and drives you a little crazy, but then you can’t help but like them..
    – You know the creep, that one that stares at you and keeps on staring.. and not at your face..

    • Barbara

      YES,YES,YES and YES!!!! So glad i graduated lmbo

  • Denise

    I am like, 4 of these people at once!!
    P.S. you forgot the band people. That’s all they ever do… At all.

  • Tristan

    I’ve met them all except the hippie-stoners, the hipsters, and the Glee’ster.

  • Olivia

    Wow I’ve met every one of these. The couple ones are the worst.