10 Underrated Teen Movies That You Should Watch Right Now

When it comes to great teen movies, most people talk about Clueless, The Breakfast Club, 10 Things I Hate About You, Mean Girls, Juno, etc. While those movies are definitely classics, I can’t help but think of other great teen movies that don’t get the same level of recognition.

I’m talking about the underrated teen movies that deserve a little more love and widespread appeal! Whether big budget or low budget, old or new, there are movies out there that are so under the radar. Take Teen Witch, for example. Why doesn’t everybody know about what might be the best cheesy teen movie of the ’80s? Come on, people! Get it together!

So here’s a short list of some great teen movies we think are totally underrated. Make sure to check if you can watch any of these films on Netflix so you can become just as infatuated with them as we are.

Which of these movies do you love? What other teen movies do you consider majorly underrated? Tell us in the comments!

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  2. avatarnoemi says:

    teen witch is the only good one out of these.

    • avatarJennifer says:

      She basically listed highly regarded classic as underrated with a couple of terrible TV movies. What world do you live in if you think films like Heathers and Dazed and Confused are underrated? They’re almost in every classics list. Also, if you think Teen Witch is the best of these, you either have not seen most of the movies on this list or you have terrible taste, not just in movies, but life in general.

  3. avatarKate says:

    I love half these movies!

  4. avatarAngel says:

    Me and my best friend saw Heathers, that is a movie that ppl must see!

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  6. avatarkash money says:

    I am questioning your taste in movies because American Graffiti made the list. I had to watch that movie in English class and man was it ever boring. I do agree that is has a great soundtrack though, but that’s all it has going for it.

    • It’s definitely not super riveting but I’m a sucker for anything 60s, a sucker for great soundtracks and a sucker for young Ron Howard. So feel free to question my taste…especially the Ron Howard bit.

  7. avatarMia Kennedy says:

    I have seen some of these movies and they are awesome :)

  8. avatarBrenna says:

    Juno is NOT a classic. Yuck.

  9. avatarLana Waltzer says:

    The Teen Witch summary would have been soooooo much better if you ended it with “Come on you can’t top that.” Referencing the rap song in the movie.

  10. avatarmi55y25 says:

    Every time I click on an article link the top ten whatever never load! Why is this happening?

  11. avataraly says:

    okay Heathers might make you fall in love with blazers but uhm more importantly will make you fall in love with a psycho! or was that just me?

  12. avatarJillian says:

    You would be happy to know that we watched “Center Stage” as part of the dance curriculum in my Fine Arts class. The professor picked it because it accurately portrayed the lives of professional competitive dancers. And I agree, it was a very good movie.

    The dancers made me appreciate my feet and my own body image.

  13. avatarEtanaItIs says:

    Teen witch!!! Love That One!

  14. avatarLissa says:

    You don’t know what you are missing!

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