10 Of The Best Things About Getting Your Period

Let’s be honest: there are a lot of things that suck about getting your period. It means a week (or more or less) of discomfort: cramps, bloating and headaches. Getting your period means you should prepare for a lot of moody days and nights, where you cry over everything and anything and have the urge to strangle everyone you meet. And getting your period also means eating and eating and eating and yet never feeling full, which is the least satisfying feeling ever.

But believe it or not, there are also some good things about getting your period. Seriously! I know your menstrual cycle is super annoying, but it’s something we women all have to deal with, so you might as well look at the positives, right? Right. Here are the 10 best things about getting your period. Keep these in mind the next time you’re PMS-ing. It will cheer you up.

Do you agree with me? What did I forget? What are the worst things about getting your period? Tell me in the comments.


10 weird facts about your period

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  • Megan

    getting your period means your maturing and your starting to be a woman. its like your entering woman hood.

  • Hi there

    You are lucky if these work for you!! Due to school and all the farm work I do, I can’t rest until after dark!!!!!!

  • Allison

    The entire week I’m on my period I don’t crave food at all. I seriously eat crackers and granola bars all week. But I end up watching tv/movies and sleeping the entire time.
    Perks of having 9 hours of class a week! I can totally get away with sleeping all week 😉

  • jos

    Since I gt my period …joh its very painfull sumtimes I vomite cause of the pain but now am using Harlemensies and it hlps me alot

  • Ely

    I am 14. I have very very painful cramps. Nothing helps. I refuse to take any medication . Needles , flames , heavy bricks , all in one is what I feel. Besides medicine does not have any effect on me. I am immune to all for some reason. I don’t get rest . It is impossible for me to study , let alone write a test. I do not know what to do..

    • Shay

      I know your pain 🙁 and what really helped me was getting on BC but before that the only thing that would help was sleep.

    • Life_Luver

      I know how you feel, I get incredibly painful cramps too. If you can, try taking some Aleve (or something similar) before your period or cramps start and maybe try heat or ice on the place that is cramping. I also understand not wanting to take medication but sometimes it’s for the best, you should talk to your doctor and ask him/her for other ideas.

  • Ely

    I have very very painful cramps. Nothing helps. I refuse to take any medication . Needles , flames , heavy bricks , all in one is what I feel. Besides medicine does not have any effect on me. I am immune to all for some reason.

  • lenny

    wow all of that describes me i just hate being on for a whole entire month and feeling drained all the time and then being bitched at by my mom because she thinks im being lazy i cant help it im loosing too much blood and i feel drained and woosey so i pass out on my bed before i hit the floor and what makes me mad is that she knows im having it bad so idk why she always complains i finished my chores for the week ugh but yes anyways i missed my period three months ago and ive been on for more than three weeks nonstop its worrying me allot its been really heavy and im always tired and feel blah what to do

  • La Lana

    Wait! well, in general i am anything BUT a girly girl, i never cry or talk about my period to anyone mainy bcause my friend are mostly guys (only my bff is a girl)…
    BUT my question is that i don’t get angry or cry during my period, most of these things above don’t match me…. when i get my period, i feel tired and drained out of energy,, THATS IT. does that make me normal, or i am not normal… help!!

    • Sydney

      Of course you’re normal! And super lucky too… Period symptoms can vary greatly between people

  • Lauren

    I agree with the being snippy and bratty thing. It’s kinda hard to be positive when there’s blood pouring out of your genitals.

  • Cassandra

    Not only are some of these stereotyped, it makes it seem like crying, being grumpy, or wearing sweats is something to be ashamed of when we DON’T have our period. I think women AND men should be able to cry anytime they feel they need to. And women shouldn’t have to say, “Oh, it is because of my period.” I don’t need excuses to eat dessert and wear comfy clothes. Sometimes, yes, I do say to my boyfriend, “I am sorry I yelled at you a moment ago. When I have my period I don’t always think before I speak.” But I NEVER use it as an excuse. These ten facts are basically saying, “When you want to cry or eat or yell or sleep, just say you have your period….even if you really don’t!” I was really looking forward to ten REAL facts about my period that are encouraging or statistically backed. I love knowing I am healthy when I am regular. I guess, I am just a little disappointed in this article.

  • Emily

    If you experience bad PMS / Period symptoms this can reduce the symptoms & reduce blood flow! + it takes everyone up a cup size to boot! It worked for me too!
    massage breasts with both hands (1 for each LOL I don’t mean to sound weird!) counter-clockwise for 15min in morn and 15min before bed for 1 month. Then you can quit! It continues working, you also don’t lose that extra cup size! The pms relief continues.
    Avoiding coffee during your period can help with reducing cramps too.
    (I use a prescription called ‘apo-mefenamic acid’ if midol or pamprin don’t work for you ask your dr!)

  • Amelie

    Apparently I am the only person in the world who doesn’t go into a crazy spiral of over-eating, crying jags, hormonal rages and whatever else is supposed to happen during a period. My period doesn’t cramp my style at all (get it get it)

    • Bri

      Finally some one else! None of my fend get why I am fine on my period!

    • Ashe

      Good thing I’m not the only one. When I’m on my period I’m the complete opposite. I feel positive and I want to go out and do things. And for those 4 to 7 days I am very, veeeeeery happy.

  • Louise

    I would never sit on a white sofa wearing white clothes with a white blanket like in the last picture. I manage to stain everything i go near when i’m on my period, so white things are just asking for trouble.

    • Hailey

      I was thinking the same thing!! How weird to put an all-white picture in an article about periods….

    • Alexandra

      I thought the same thing about the white sofa lol

  • amy_criss

    Am I just missing the article????? I don’t see anything besides 2 worthless paragraphs…

    • MJ

      Same here, I guess it doesn’t work.

      • Jessica Booth

        What browser are you using?

        • Sweettreat

          I’m on Mozilla, and Adblock recently got an upgrade that prevents me from seeing these specific types of articles on gurl.com with the slide-type pictures and paragraphs. I have to turn adblock off and it’s really annoying because now there are a million advertisements everywhere.

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  • Lexa Hayden

    Im attracted to this one guy who is single and has an identical twin. I couldnt tell them apart cuz i just met them (at the time) and accidently ended up flirting with his twin who had a girlfriend! I heard that they broke up but now i feel bad that i might have had something to do with it. On top of that, im afraid that his twin might like me but i like him! And ive heard rumours that they both like me and now im scared and nervous to go out with either one of them because of the tension it could create. Help!

    • Gicelle

      Take a break, don’t do anything too hasty. Inhale. Exhale. Ok, I would just hold off a bit before you do anything with either of them. And then I would talk to them, and let them know which one you like. Yeah, it may hurt some feelings, but it’s better than getting into a real twin mess.

  • Jen

    I think the se are a bit… Stereotyped? English is not my native language, so pardon my mistake. When I get my period I treat it like any other day, but I’m happy I’m healthy and that I am a woman. Getting my period shows how strong I am as a woman and how I am healthy. This actually inspires me to work harder!!

    • Gicelle

      I think it depends on the person. My periods really aren’t that bad, but I had a friend who almost threw up from the pain. But yeah, I never take an entire day off to just watch movies on my period, and I haven’t noticed any unusual sweet cravings or bloating.

      • Samantha

        I’m a living breathing proof that periods are the worst thing in the world…..the cramps make me weak and dizzy, the headaches feel like a hammer on repeat, my tummy hurts like crazy and I look like hell….if you don’t get pains you are sooooo lucky…

    • Chelsea

      They are a bit stereotyped, yes. People make periods and such a big deal so I’m not surprised. I mean, going to take naps in the nurses office? Sleeping just makes it worse, obviously. I also agree greatly with it inspiring me to work harder and not give in :)!

    • Drew

      Stereotyped is the right word, and I totally agree.