GIF My Life: Starting A New TV Show

When it comes to watching TV shows, I’m pretty notorious for two things: I’m great at getting people to watch a lot of random British TV shows that I love and I’m ridiculously lazy about actually starting shows that people recommend to me. I’m pretty sure it took a year for me to finally buckle down and marathon through the first two seasons of Game of Thrones, but I was pretty great at harassing my friends to watch season 5 of Skins. I’ll have to wait and see how long it takes me to actually get around to watching that new show Twisted or Arrested Development. Ask me in a year and I’ll have a rough estimate.

But there really isn’t much of an excuse to not get around to watching different TV shows anymore. I mean, you can watch shows on TV and the Internet. In theory, if I can spend hours mindlessly refreshing my dash on Tumblr, I should be able to watch an episode of a TV show. But it’s never just one episode, is it? Once you start a show and realize you like it, it takes a ridiculous amount of willpower to do the responsible thing and not, you know, watch 12 episodes in a row on a Wednesday night when you have to get up in the morning and go to work or school.

GIF Girl knows how hard that can be. Here’s what happens whenever she finally starts a new show:


It starts innocently enough. My friend is obsessed with some new show and really wants me to watch it too.



At first I’m hesitant.



The plot sounds okay, but I’m just really lazy.



Then another friend starts fawning over it too.



And then another.


Soon, half of my friends seem to be starting this show and I almost don’t want to even more because they won’t shut up about it.


But then one day I have a little time to kill before I have to run a few errands. Why not watch an episode and see what the fuss is all about.


So I do.


One episode down and I think, eh I can watch one more before finally getting some work done.


And another is watched. And another.


Until I figure, hey, I’ve already watched five episodes, I might as well just finish the season. I can finish that work later.



Jump to tomorrow, where I am totally sleep deprived because I finished the entire first season and now I look like a zombie.



I try to be more responsible this time around for the second season. But, again, I start watching and can’t stop (won’t stop).



Every time my favorite character comes on screen I just…



And when the hottest dude on the show is on screen



And when the hottest girl is on screen and I want to be her.



And whenever that character I hate even dares to breathe I yell at the screen and say:



And when my favorite pairing are standing in the same frame…



I’m hooked, I’m obsessed, and I can’t stop talking about how hooked and obsessed I am.



All I can do  now is try to get another friend to watch. 


I assume that I’m going to open their eyes to an amazing new world…



But in reality it’s like…


They’ll see the light, some day…


What ridiculous things do you do when you start a new TV show? What shows are you watching right now? Tell us in the comments!


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