8 Birth Control Myths That Are Totally Wrong

Birth control pills are pretty rad, y’all. They do all kinds of things like help with menstrual cramps and regulate your period. Oh and they prevent you from getting pregnant, which is a really important thing that they do.

There are a lot of things to know about birth control in terms of safety. It’s a medication, so you need to talk to your doctor about what kind of birth control is best for you. Just because your friend loves her birth control doesn’t mean it’s going to work with you and your body.

But there are definitely a lot of myths and ridiculous claims about birth control pills like this one that suggests birth control weakens your sense of smell so you might not be able to tell if your guy stinks. Or the one that claims birth control makes you like more feminine men.

I think it’s time we separated fact from fiction here, ladies. Check out these 8 myths about birth control pills:

Did you know these were myths? Did you think any of these were true? Do you know of any other birth control myths? Tell us in the comments!

Can you skip your period if you’re not taking birth control pills?

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  • Kay

    You do not need to take the pill at the same exact time every day. Its just recommended so you make it a habit. as long as its within the same time frame, you are okay. I don’t think any of these lists should exist. Every single women is effected differently by the pill, which is why they can’t find any solid data saying whether or not the pill is the thing directly causing the effect. Everyone is different. Don’t go by any of these lists. This one is at least a bit better because they say “some women have experienced…but”. Just talk to your doctor and find out what works for you.

  • Cam

    i actually lost weight on the pill but when I stopped taking it, I gained it all back and now my period is very irregular

  • Maddie

    This article is a cool idea, but it’s kind of specific to the pill. There are birth controls that make your period stop. I think there’s even a pill that makes you only have four periods a year. And there are tons of birth controls that you don’t have to take daily like the ring, shot, IUD’s etc.
    You could write about all the different forms of birth control 🙂

    • Liz

      ^^Of course it’s specific to the pill. The title is “Birth Control Pill Myths”! I agree, though, that they should cover other forms of contraception, as well!

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