Would You Rather: Harry Potter Hookup Edition

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I love Harry Potter. Seriously. If anything I love it a little too much. I’ve been in the fandom since I was 14 years old, I’ve been to a few midnight book and movie releases, I’ve hugged Rupert Grint and there is a wand in my bedroom from the Harry Potter theme park–which I went to for my 20th birthday.

I think I own robes.

So yeah, I’m a huge Harry Potter nerd.

But even though this series is a huge, formative part of our childhoods, that doesn’t mean that we don’t have pretty R-rated thoughts about some of our favorite characters in the series.

Come on. Who wouldn’t want to say that they’ve at least made out with Sirius Black?

So here’s a Would You Rather poll with 12 hot–and ridiculous–Harry Potter scenarios for you to chose from! Enjoy!




What other funny HP sex scenarios can you think of? Which HP character do you think would be the best in the sack? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Finally_Free

    9: See, I would say Draco, but I’m certain he’s gay, for Harry no less. Tom Felton on the other hand…

  • shannon

    so want that hour long sex session with Draco

  • Elisa

    Loved it! Awesome Potterhead forever.

  • KittyBomb

    I would marry the Weasley twins and then consider that threesome…
    But in a no commitment thing I guess I would pick Sirius and James (when they were younger, of course).

  • CloverTea123

    Draco is so fine, And I just LOVE Luna. This was great

  • Alissa

    I actually cannot decide on the Draco/Throwback!Voldemort one… Can I have both?

  • Shosto Brookz

    I LOVE THESE make more so much fun i might be heterosexual, but i think all these questions are both funny and wonderful!

  • NorthStarSea

    The first question was tough for me. Deciding between two of my favourite characters? Also, the last question was just kind of awkward…

  • Krissy

    Guys, I’m wondering if anyone else doesn’t answer the making out with girls questions? (I’m not saying being lesbian is wrong, I’m saying the situation would make ME uncomfortable)

    • Drew

      Sweetie, it’s okay. If you arent like that, don’t answer it! Everyone has their preferences.

  • Fantasygirl425

    This quiz is weird I was just curious what kind of questions would be on hear. I am a huge harry potter fan and hermiony granger is my favorite actress and character from the movie. If anyone wants to talk about harry potter with me that would be great. I used to have two friends who were also big fans of harry potter.

  • Samwise

    That was the single most awkward survey I’ve ever taken.

  • LittleRedWolfGirl

    The vast majority of these made me go “Aaah nooo whyy?!?!” hahaha

  • Jillian

    Emma Watson is so beautiful. Who wouldn’t want to make out with her?

    Snape and Lucius Malfoy…ewww.

    And I love how people voted they would rather make out with a dementor than Pettigrew.

    • Hatty

      I know, right? Everybody take their chances with dementors!

    • Gicelle

      Well, any REAL Harry Potter fan would rather make out with death than a traitor

  • Brie

    This was so bizarre!!!! I loved it. hahaha.