First Date Looks: 10 Clothes And Accessories For A Tomboy Outfit

Some of my best friends back in the day were total tomboys. They were all about baseball caps, baggy shirts and playing a ton of sports that I usually wasn’t very good at. But as we get older there’s more pressure on these rough and tumble girls to get “girly.” There’s nothing wrong with looking girly but nobody should be told they’re less of a woman for what they wear!

The same is true for getting gussied up for a date.

Everybody wants to look cool on a date, but there’s no need to sacrifice your personal style. Don’t feel obligated to look cutesy if you aren’t into lookin’ cutesy. If there’s so much emphasis on being yourself on a date, why shouldn’t that extend to your outfit?

Whether you’re a former tomboy who still yearns for those baseball caps, you’re a current tomboy looking to revamp your look, or you’re just into great style, check out these tomboy inspired items that would look sick on a date.


Are you or were you a tomboy? Which of these looks would you rock? Do you have some other style faves in your closet? Tell us in the comments!

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