6 Things That Are The Same Length As The Average Penis

You know we love scientific studies over here, especially the super official ones that claim things like “Oral sex is pointless.” It’s time for another study, and this one is a little more fun.

The Journal of Sexual Medicine surveyed 1,661 men to determine the average length of a male’s penis. Upon reading the headline, I had a lot of questions about said penis study. Is it measured when flaccid or erect? Is shrinkage a factor? What points exactly are we measuring from? Is 1,661 men enough to find a true average? Does size really matter?

The study revealed that the penises (penii?) were measured when erect, and the average was 5.6 inches. I thought it would be good to put this size into perspective. I measured some things around my apartment to see what matched, so here are things that are roughly the same size as the average penis:

Do you think this study is accurate? What do you think about the average size? Tell us in the comments!

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  • morgan wynes

    am not sure

  • Jordan

    Well I have a 6.5 inch penis when achieving a full on boner. I’d be surprised if this study is true because I have a pretty small flaccid penis in relationship to most teammates while playing sports. But I love my size 😉

  • essence

    What about girth on average?

  • Memoi

    I love this discussion! ; )

    • JimThePhD

      Men do obsess about size – but what they really need to spend more time on is the health of the tool. Ladies, please encourage your men to regularly use a superior penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) that can get amino acids directly to their members and keep them in better health.

  • Jj

    We need a study to measure women vagina muscle, depth, and width!

    • Chuck

      Agree 100%…lets go ladies, lie up!

  • zak

    Of course you like the study (regardless of it being false and having poor methodology) because your site loves bashing dudes on their penis size.because your sick and afterall anything that judges guys and hurts us you get off on,,pretty sad.

    • Dr. Chas

      Actually, this is an accurate number and not something that gurl.com just decided to post. In a study of 500,000 men; 5.6 inches is the average penis size in the USA.

      • 2 cents…

        umm..i don’t give a d@mn what was studied or how many people -it means jack squat.You cannot arrive at an avg unless you measure every damn person from every damn race,background etc…Never see women’s genitals put under the microscope like on all these dick size studies do ya? Why is that? They just love to slam the effing crap out of guys–PERIOD