The 6 Kinds Of Crushes You’ll Have At Summer Camp

I’m feeling totally nostalgic lately because as a kid, summer always meant camp. And camp was the coolest thing about summer because…y’all it’s camp! Despite the cabins and bugs, you’re automatically way more popular at camp. I wasn’t cool in middle school, but I was tres awesome at camp.

I went to an all girls’ camp, but there was an all boys’ camp across the river so we would do some events with them. And then at the end of every camp session we had a dance. If the boy you liked gave you one of his camp shirts, it was a BIG deal and you were basically dating the next summer.

One of my boyfriends went to that camp but we were always in different sessions so one year he gave me his camp shirt after I got back from my session. Awww!

Camp crushes are really fun. Summer love and all that, you know? Here are the kinds of crushes you’ll have at summer camp!

Do you go to summer camp? Did you crush on any of these guys? Who was your camp crush? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Emma Powers

    I had a crush on this counselor who reminded me of Austin Butler so hot! He gets better he’s British! Sadly, the fact he has a girlfriend and that he’s 19 while I’m 13 kinda put’s a damper in our relationship. Oh well maybe in a few years.

  • Isabella Torres

    I go to 4H summer camp in New Jersey and i also have a crush on one of those young counselors, his name is Ryan, he’s really cute and 14, he looks like Luke from Jessie.

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  • A

    I had a crush on one of the counselors in training this year at camp. Was weird since our camp is really small and everyone is super close. And of course everyone was teasing me and I had to deny it every single time.