7 Mistakes You’ll Make During Your First Kiss

When it comes to your first kiss, you have a lot of expectations about how it’s going to go. And truth be told, it’s not going to live up to those expectations. First kisses are awkward, point blank. I mean, you’re about to connect mouths with someone and that’s weird.

You can do as much prep as you want, but it’s probably still going to be awkward. And that’s okay! If you have a magical first kiss, consider yourself very lucky! Mine was not great. I don’t even want to talk about it. But once you get that first kiss out of the way, you’re on your way to a world full of tonsil hockey! Huzzah!

You’re definitely going to make some mistakes during your first kiss. Don’t worry, everyone does! Check out the mistakes you’ll make during your first kiss.

Did you make any mistakes during your first kiss? If you haven’t had it yet, are you afraid to make any mistakes? Tell us in the comments!

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  1. avatarRANDOMM says:

    I completely regret my first kiss. I was in sixth grade and had just turned twelve and my brother’s friend, who was 14 and in 8th grade, was over. I thought he was cute and knew he was bi (I’m gay). Anyway, so we go into my bedroom out of boredom because my brother was completely ignoring us. We go into the room, shut the door, and he says he wants to talk to me about something and he started talking about how nobody likes him and people use him, etc. and he tried to get me to feel bad for him which I did. So he says “do you like me” and I say “well, its embarrassing but sure.” He leans in for a kiss and I accept and it quickly turns to a frenchie. He eventually took off his shirt and let’s just say we went farther than touches but not as far as sitting. I fucking regret it…

  2. avatarLisa says:

    I had my first kiss at my boyfriends house and it just felt sooo good. Glad i didn’t have those awkward moments! Oh and also… the kissing felt so good that soon after that we went a little further (if you know what i mean..)

    btw i’m 18 now

  3. avatarrandom poster says:

    Me and my boy have been going out for over a year and i think its the right time but i have never done it before and i am really nervous

  4. avatarAditya says:

    You always remember your first love \m/

  5. avatarSharon says:

    Um 16 yrs old i startd to to had kz at da age of15 it ws amazing indd

  6. avatarkitty says:

    Im 16. I just had my first kiss today, he sorta asked permission, it was rushed and really awkward It kinda caught be by surprise. He leaned down a bit and pecked me. It was so cute :3.

  7. avatarElizabeth says:

    Had my first kiss just yesterday. We didn’t run into any of these problems…
    It was perfect. Unforgettable. ♥

  8. avatarSmartyGeek says:

    Ok im 13 and me and my boyfriend have been going out for like 4 days!!!!!
    So I will kiss him on the cheek goodbye but today he kissed me on the lips on a school bus!!! It was rushed and unromantic and he kinda kissed some of my noes to while his lips were wet what should I do he cant kiss and it wasent a full kiss pls help before tmorrow!!!!!!

    • avatarSarah says:

      Dear SmartyGeek, It was only your first kiss. I am sure your next is going to be a lot better. Don’t worry. He was just nervous and is probably a good kisser. I also think you should watch a move or so just to get more privacy while kissing. It must have been kind of awkward kissing on the school bus in front of everyone, am I right? I am 13 aswell and thursday evening me and my boyfriend Sam are going to watch a movie. We are all alone at his house so I really hope something is going to happen. We have been dating for three weeks now.. ❤️

  9. avatarWendy says:

    I need help, I’m just a few steps away from being kissed by that guy,cause he even said he wanted to kiss me but I’ve never kissed anyone before!

  10. avatarMelissa says:

    I just had my first kiss it was awkward but you just have to get over it and have fun!

  11. avatarnichole says:

    Me an my bf are planing to kiss right after he gets out of rebound

  12. avatarRuth says:

    Is it normal to have a first kiss at 13

  13. avatarMary says:

    Remember my first kiss with my boyfriend. We had been going out for about a year or so (we took our time and didn’t rush anything since I was a bit nervous since I’ve never kissed anyone and since he’s had a girlfriend before I felt my inexperience would ruin it) we were hanging out at his house and his family was out visiting a relative and we were watching a movie and next thing I knew he kissed me. I feel bad since for him it probably felt like kissing a statue since I was awkwardly trying to move or do anything to not make it terrible for him and I ended up not only not breathing but also staying stiff as a statue since I was so nervous!
    It wasn’t terrible since he’s amazing kisser but we ended up not kissing for a while and I thought it was probably because of my terrible kissing but turns out he thought I hated it since I was so stiff, so communicating seems to help to make kissing better and like they say, practice makes perfect since he can’t get enough now!

  14. avatarLily says:

    Do you HAVE to use your tongue when you kiss? Is that……….common?

  15. avatarAngel says:

    I have to ask…LIKE, how old are you?!?!? Because, LIKE from your article, you seem to be LIKE about 14 or 41!!!!!!! I do believe that LIKE the “Valley GIRL” slang LIKE went out with LIKE ‘Devo’ n’ stuff! Not to mention, LIKE your little advice n’ LIKE tips suggest you are n’ LIKE prepubescent ‘n LIKE stuff. I had to LIKE re-read each ‘tip’ twice because your grammar is LIKE a friggen joke, and your ‘tips’ are LIKE the most incorrect, unreasearched and unfounded more then anything I have ever LIKE read! To others LIKE reading this, please know that LIKE if you choose to put LIKE any credence to the author’s LIKE tips, then you will more than LIKE likely embarrass yourself than LIKE become a LIKE expert in the ways of making out!

  16. avatarCurlygirl says:

    awkward times aha

  17. avataramanda says:

    Lol I think I was around 5/6 when a boy lilterally tackled and kissed me I felt so bad because I screamed and his dad came outside and spanked him

  18. avatarSydney says:

    “You have to *like* breathe through your nose.” Please tell me that was just an accident :P

  19. avatarKayla says:

    My first kiss was when i was 8. I know what you guys are thinking “Gross she’s a slut!” Its okay, think that all you want but i don’t regret it! This boy had been my boyfriend for about 2-3 years (yes I know but I’m glad he was) we were playing a game where we would go under a bridge in the park. One thing lead to another and we kissed. It was awful then, he had bad breath! About one year later he passed away from an asthma attack. You can call me anything you would like but i know that i loved him and he loved me also and i don’t regret kissing him one bit.

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