7 Mistakes You’ll Make During Your First Kiss

When it comes to your first kiss, you have a lot of expectations about how it’s going to go. And truth be told, it’s not going to live up to those expectations. First kisses are awkward, point blank. I mean, you’re about to connect mouths with someone and that’s weird.

You can do as much prep as you want, but it’s probably still going to be awkward. And that’s okay! If you have a magical first kiss, consider yourself very lucky! Mine was not great. I don’t even want to talk about it. But once you get that first kiss out of the way, you’re on your way to a world full of tonsil hockey! Huzzah!

You’re definitely going to make some mistakes during your first kiss. Don’t worry, everyone does! Check out the mistakes you’ll make during your first kiss.

And here’s a hilarious video about potential kissing mistakes you’ve gotta watch:

Did you make any mistakes during your first kiss? If you haven’t had it yet, are you afraid to make any mistakes? Tell us in the comments!

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  • I’m in the eight grade, and had my first kiss last night at the movies. It was so bloody cliche, I almost laughed. Basically, she had been leaning into me with my arm over her shoulder for the past two hours. every five to ten minutes, she would lean in a little closer, to the point her face was in my chest. At the end of the movie, she sat up, and our noses touched. she then leaned in for a kiss. I thought it would be quick, but she pressed harder. two minutes later the clean-up lady was asking us to leave. awkward. we both left laughing and giddy. overall, I think I got lucky that my first kiss went so well.

  • Isabelle

    Yesterday I told my boyfriend that I was ready to kiss, he didn’t know what he thought. Today he came round and told me he was ready. When he was about to leave he tried to kiss me, but my mum was there and I didn’t realise he would do it in front of her. So it was really awkward and I could tell he was really nervous. We’ve arranged to meet up tomorrow and we are gonna go on a walk, and I know he’s gonna try again. It’s my first kiss, and I’m so nervous Cuz I really don’t know what to do

  • DeliciousDialogueAvocado Yay

    Okay for starters… I’m 12. But anyway, my boyfriend and I have been dating for almost 6 months now. 3 days ago, he proposed to me with a fake ring as a joke, and I said yes. Some of our friends took it a little too far though. They planned a wedding for us at school the next day at recess, and it wasn’t meant to be a big deal. Anyway, at the “wedding”, every single person in our grade was crowding around us when there were only supposed to be 16 people, not 200. Our one friend who was marrying us had to cut the vows short because nobody could shut up. Then, of course, the kiss… Well, the 1st two times, 2 of our friends (that were actually supposed to be there) just slammed our heads together, so that’s great. But our lips didn’t touch then. About 5 minutes mater, More people showed up, and they started chanting for us to actually kiss. So, he took my by my waist and kissed me. It wasn’t long, and his lips were half off of mine, but I still remember it in SO much detail. 3 class periods later, he got called down to the office for PDA.

  • Savannah745

    Today i had my first kiss with my best friend neither of us had never kissed anyone so we wanted to try it out . We kissed and then carried on walking home ( my best friend is bisexual) later he then asked me out , i said yes and we kissed again. (I have always had a crush on him) he had only ever dated a boy up until this point ihad never dated anyone. After we each went home he texted me and dumped me in a TEXT !! Because i had always liked him i was so upset please can i have some advise?

  • allee

    The thing is… All my girlfriends call me pretty and cute and beautiful and funny and a cute personality and perfect and nice and stuff but how come my crush doesn’t like me still (13 yr old chick here) doesn’t like me?! Everybody (I mean everybody) says we look cute together but sadly we r not dating! How do I get his heart ?! I like him so much! Of course I’m that dork who does her crushes work for them… I did a huge project for him and all I get is a thank u when he knows I like him? Any suggestions girls?

    • Melanny

      Dear allee… I’m 17 years old and just about a month ago I got the courage to tell my crush I liked him.. He didn’t care. I used to be like you and do his work for him… My advice is for you to stop doing his for for him, yeah sure help him but don’t do it for him.. I suggest you ask him if he likes you or not, face to face. I know it might be hard but you gotta do it that way if he doesn’t you aren’t wasting your time on the wrong guy… If he know you like him and he’s not making a move on you it might be because he doesn’t feel the same way as you do or he might be scared.. You never know so I encourage you to ask him personally and for you guys to be alone when you have this conversation

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  • LinkandTingle

    I’ve been going out with the love of my life for over 6 months now and we just both had our first kiss with eachother and our first ever kiss today.We’d kissed on the cheek and forehead before, but we were both sitting on the couch. Her sister just left, so I knew we wouldn’t have long at all. So I grabbed her face, turned her lips to mine and probably had a 3 second lip brush. It wasn’t amazing, and it wasn’t bad, but I definitely want to get better.

  • Bree

    So i kind of also had my first kiss today. The guy Jeremiah said hai after 4th hour he embraced me and then leaned in i’m kind of tall for my age but, he’s taller. Suddenly i felt like an ant. He leaned in our faces were so close then he kissed me. My eyes closed instantly. My first kiss lasted 10 seconds i am the kind of dork that counts. When it was over he smiled and said bye. Later on after school he stared at me while we were hugging and i gave him a kiss candy saying a corny joke: “A kiss for a kiss Jear Bear (what i call him). He smiled again….

    • Hellokitty

      That is so cute❤️

  • Maddy282

    my first kiss was on roller skates and the kid missed my mouth because I tried to pull away and turn my head..whoops

  • Tinyiko

    I don’t want to make a mistake I want it to be perfect

  • Nelly

    I am afraid to have my first kiss.is it normal?

    • kaytee kisha

      I had mine yesterdaY and it felt so nice !

  • Grace

    I almost had my first kiss when I was seven years old. He was so sweet! He was play house with me.