7 Things You Think Will Happen In High School That Don’t

When I started high school, I had all of these expectations for what would happen. I blame movies because they gave us a really unrealistic view for how things would go. Fortunately, high school was pretty good to me unlike some of my friends who have horror stories about their school experience.

You think seniors are going to be crazy scary, but they’re not so bad. You think being good at school will make you a total loser, but people are actually impressed. Cliques exist, but they’re not at all the way they seem in movies or TV. They’re just a group of people you hang out with.

Here are 7 things you think will happen in high school, but they won’t:

Do you agree with these? Have any of these things actually happened to you? What were your high school expectations? Tell us in the comments!

You’ll make these mistakes in high school

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  • Courtney

    In my school, some seniors are really nice while others couldn’t care less about us freshman. I was in marching band, tennis, and now track and my school musical, and I am now really close friends with a lot of seniors! Once you get to know them and they get past the first initial “I’m too cool since I’m a senior” phase, they really are nice people and care about you and others!

    My school also has some cliques but there aren’t many. We mostly have generalizations about the kinda of people you hang out with like really countryside people (I live in a highly farm populated area), people who try to hard to be what they’re not (like “eMO” or “hipster”) and that’s really it. Beyond that, no group of students really stick out and no group “rules the school”

  • blush

    I have to disagree.
    Even though I’m only in middle school, I hang around the high school a lot, and it’s not that much different. Seniors won’t care unless you step out of your place.

    Nobody cares about school except most of the, not to be racist, white people. I live in a suburb around Detroit, so that might be why.

    I’ve seen so many people who say “I’m gonna be so and so” in high school and they become that.

    You will stay friends with the same people because you can learn to be accepting of how they change. Maybe you’ll even get a few more friends.

    I’m done now

  • sophia

    Im a cheer leader and we arnt any better than anyone else most of the time teachers will put a little more pressure on us because we are supposed to set an example but other than that ots just normal. Some of us rarely ever talk outside of practice. And our skirts are required to be fingertip length. But cheer skirts always look shorter than they are. But the fingertip rule is for competitions. Even though are school dress code is not that.

  • violet7789

    That about explains it. The dance team was more popular than the cheerleaders but the cheerleaders were just regular people, no higher on the totem than anyone else. (I went to an all girl school so we didn’t have a lot of jocks, they were all just regular people) There were a few girls that stood out in drama or always got good grades, but they were usually popular because they were friendly. The same goes for peer pressure, when I tell someone I don’t drink they respond positively, saying how it’s good that I don’t drink (while they’re drinking lol).

  • Taylor

    I totally agree with this post. We don’t really have cliques, everyone kinda hops around. The cheer team sometimes believes they are better than everyone, but for the most part they’re really nice. We don’t really have “emo” kids maybe like 5 out of 1600. And lower classmen rarely see the seniors because they get to go home early if they’ve met their required credits. But then again, I live in a upper class city in Arizona, so I guess it depends on where you live. The only downside is that there’s slight prejudices because of lack of minority. I happen to be Black, sooo….., that problem is not in my favor.

  • doglover09

    Yesterday was my first day of high-school as a freshman, yes the school was huge and I was scared of getting lost but the teachers and seniors were nice and really helped alot

  • JustFine

    Every school is different. Cheerleaders, Soccer Players, Football Players,& Basketball Players ruled every school I’ve been too. They all consist of the mean kids. Not saying everybody who played these sports were mean. Seniors are mean. I was once a senior and my goal was not helping or making friends with the young ones but getting out. Most seniors don’t hang with kids two or more grades below.

    On the list you missed the “pretty people” the girls and guys who find themselves so attractive they believe they are entitled to things. They don’t have to be cute, but think they are cute.

  • Sarah Enzman

    Actual the cheerleader thing isn’t that way sorta in my school but they are held above all of us under them I mean I may wear some shorts that are less than 1/2 inch from being finger length and I get in trouble while the cheerleaders wear shorts or skirts that are 4 inches off from being finger-length and they don’t get in trouble at all that’s total unfair

  • The Apple

    In my experience…

    Cheerleaders and jocks thought they ruled the school, and pretty much ignored everyone else. In reality, no one gave two craps about any of our sports teams.

    Most people stayed friends throughout high school, although senior year led to a bunch of fallouts when people realized that they weren’t going to see their peers much after graduation, and then subsequently realized that they didn’t have to worry about offending them any more. Everyone just stopped holding back and trying to be polite or cool!

    I cared about school, and as such I did well. Unfortunately, that led several people to think that they could use me for help or dump all the work for group projects on me. Thankfully, I actually developed a backbone during middle school and was able to kindly tell people where they could shove their school assignments when they asked to cheat off of mine.

    Meh, cliques weren’t really exclusive, but some caught more flack than others. I hung out with the emo kids and the pot heads (even though I was neither– I was the odd one out, but I was nice and didn’t harass them for who they were and what they chose to do, and they decided to keep me), and they were constantly looked down on. There were a couple of guys who harassed everyone, no matter what, though. I think they wound up in jail…

    As for peer pressure, everyone just did whatever the heck they wanted. No one worried about anyone else, as long as you weren’t a narc.

    Seniors were okay at our high school, although if you tried to show them up they definitely put you in your place. At the high school across town, though, seniors treated freshmen like punching bags (from what I saw and heard the few times I was over there).

    And yeah,, people knew what they liked, but no one had a clue what they wanted to do with the rest of their life…

  • hmmmm

    This is so true. I thought High School was going to be really scary but I had sooo much fun now i’m in collge and to be honest i’m kinda missing my high school days.

  • ashia

    yeah my highschool has been nothing like how Mean Girls and such movies depicted it and i was really dissapointed.Heck my middleschool years were more fun-filled. IDK why my highschool is so dull.Bad things like bullying don;t even happen there and there arent really popular kids or cliques.

  • Just.me

    Some of these are probably true in some cases, but I agree that movies gave me unrealistic expectations about school. I LOVED High School Musical when I was younger, and when I actually went to high school I actually half expected everyone to be singing and dancing. They weren’t.

  • C

    Caitlin, this is just YOUR experience. The schools other people go to are usually packed with peer pressure. Please don’t say students won’t face it. It’s false hope. I’m homeschooled, so I don’t have to go to high school, but I’ve heard REAL stories about how older students hate the new ones. Don’t just dismiss these myths like they don’t exist; this was just your school, who knows which high school a reader is gonna go to!

    • Anna

      If you look carefully, it says “Peer pressure DOES happen”. I’m not sure how this says that peer pressure doesn’t happen.