Expectations Vs. Reality: Your First Kiss

If you’ve never kissed anyone before, the thought of a first kiss might seem a little magical, a little scary and definitely a lot exciting. Your very first kiss is always exciting and it’s always a little nerve-wracking (where do you put your tongue?!), but, um, it’s not always magical. In a lot of cases, it can end up being a little awkward, messy and sometimes even a major fail.

But it doesn’t even matter if your first kiss isn’t the kind of kiss you’d see in the movies, because you have plenty of time to get it right! Whether your first kiss is amazing or sort of bad, it’s something you’ll remember forever… and before it happens, it’s something you’ll always think about. So what is it going to be like? Here are expectations vs. reality for your first kiss.

How you think the boy you share a first kiss will look like. 

zac efron gif

What he actually looks like. 



What you think the background of your first kiss will be. 

kissing gifs

What it actually is. 

kissing gif


How you think you’ll look and act before.

kissing gifs

How you’ll actually look and act. 

kissing gif


How you think he’ll act before the kiss.

kissing gif

How he’ll actually act. 

kissing gif


How you think French kissing will feel for the first time.

kissing gifs

What it actually feels like. 

kissing gif


How you think you’ll look during your first kiss.

kissing gif

How you’ll actually look. 

kissing gif


How you think a surprise kiss will go.

kissing gif

How it will actually go. 

kissing gif


How you think it would be to kiss your best friend.

kissing gifs

How it will really be.

kissing gif


How you imagined your first kiss happening.

kissing gif

How it will actually happen. 

kissing gif


Don’t worry, these are all jokes… mostly. Good luck! 


What was your first kiss like? Do you think this is accurate? Was your first kiss bad or good? Have you had one yet? Tell me in the comments.


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  1. avatarlala feya says:

    I just had my first kiss last Feb 15, 2014 and at the age of 19! I know its too late for a kiss, and i don’t know whether to feel happy or what. Happy because i’m attracted to this guy, i mean im the kind of girl who doesn’t get attracted easily, so he’s kinda special. But then, i can’t be 100% happy because this guy has a girlfriend (ouch!) and he did just kissed me because we were playing this shitty game, dare or dare :(

    But then, i will always treasure my first kiss like most us do :)

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  5. avatarMaddie says:

    My first kiss was this summer at sleep-away camp! I know 15 is late, but it was totally worth the wait. It was actually perfect. On the fourth of july, we snuck off & were watching fireworks in the woods. Then it just happened! so yes, I can say my first kiss was while watching fireworks, I’m pretty lucky. :)

  6. avatarIsabella says:

    I’m 22 and I’ve never kissed a guy, but I did kiss a girl way back in elementary school…this doesn’t give me a lot to look forward to in terms of guys. You’re always led to believe it’s supposed to be magical with a guy. Right.

  7. avatarLaurence says:

    LIZZIE BENNET DIARIES!!!!!! (fangirling all over the place now)

  8. avatarJill says:

    Well I’m 13 my boyfriend and I were Locked in my friends old dock house was really awkward I ended up saying “just kiss me already” then he bit me so it made it really awkward but now were fine and French kissing a lot!!! And it’s fun

  9. avatarLesbo says:

    Where’s the black-and-white one with the girls kissing come from?

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