15 Of The Cutest Vibrators You’ve Ever Seen

We are obviously pro-masturbation here at Gurl, so of course, we’re pro-vibrators too. Why wouldn’t we be? Exploring your own sexuality is important and masturbation is a completely safe and healthy way to do that. And if you’re not sure what to do with your fingers or you just want to spice things up, a vibrator is definitely something you need to own.

If you’re going to masturbate with the help of a vibrator, why not make it one of these adorable ones?! I know the words “cute” and “vibrator” probably seem like they shouldn’t go together, but, um, guys… they do. Because these are the cutest freakin’ vibrators I’ve ever seen. Some of them are even easy to disguise as just a wacky toy you have. Check out these cute (and admittedly a little weird and funny and silly) vibrators.

Have you ever seen any of these vibrators before? Which one do you think is the cutest? Which is the weirdest? What did I miss? Tell me in the comments.


Is it okay to masturbate everyday?

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  • Noelleta Cappuccino

    id buy the sushi one for sure

  • Kyoumaki

    That Cornbrator…
    “Boku no Sexual Harrassment”
    … Boku no Pico? (Piko? idk i still need to watch it anyways)
    coughcough YAOI

  • Rhonda

    I wanted to purchase The Screaming O Vibrating Waterproof Octopus Vibrator
    but the wbsite states that it’s “Currently unavailable. We don’t know when or if this item will be back in stock.” What a bummer.

  • Amber

    Oh nooo. The uh, corn vibrator is uh. Referencing a pornographic guy on guy anime from the 90s where corn is used for. well. you know.

    • Brittney

      That corn vibrator is hilarious!

  • violethula

    The hello kitty one is just wrong, because it is a kid tv show

  • Alicia

    I’m 15 and I masturbate quite often I guess. I looked into vibrators/dildos and I’m really curious and intrigued by them and I kinda want to get one. I know I can’t go into sex shops and stuff but I’m kinda worried that if I buy one online to buy one my parents will find out about it..any suggestions? 🙂

    • Judy

      Do you have an 18 year old friend you trust to go in a sex shop and get one for you? I was lucky because my mom bought a vibrator for my 13th birthday. I masturbate a lot as well as have sex.

      • Annomus

        Ur mom got u a vibrator

  • Holly

    For some really cute vibes & other toys visit http://oohbyhush.com the epitome of cute & girly sex toys

  • Brooke

    Anyone else notice on the “cornbrater” its two guys on the box….maybe I don’t want it lol!

    • Bec

      It’s a gimmick vibrator from a yaoi called Boku no sexual harassment that has a famous scene in it where a cob of corn is used by one man on another.

    • Alyssa

      Yeah, that’s from an anime called “My Sexual Harassment” I haven’t watched it, but I heard there’s this one scene where one guy uses the corn on the other guy and-I’m not gonna go into it…

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  • clar

    Ummm….the dolphin is a cock ring not a vibrator, although it looks like it has too vibrators attached. So you need a penis to put it around(although i suppose you could put it around a different vibrator?)

  • Jillian

    Oh my goodness…a lot of these vibrators put your imagination to the test. I mean, a vibrator shaped like a fish?….