7 Annoying Things People In Relationships Say To Me Because I’m Single

I have a lot of friends in relationships. When I say a lot, I mean almost all of them. Everyone is coupled up! And that’s totally cool, you guys. But I’m THE single friend. I’m okay with being single. In fact, I LOVE being single. I am having all the fun and going on lots of dates.

For some reason, everyone who’s in a relationship has a problem with my singledom. It’s like I have a plague. “Poor Caitlin, she has…single syndrome.” They look at me like it’s the worst thing in the world and say really stupid and insensitive things. I do not comment on their relationships! Why does everyone have to comment on my lack of one?

I’m tired of people in relationships talking to me about my love life. It’s mine, not yours! Get over it! Here are the most annoying things people in relationships have said to me:

Are you the single friend? Have your friends in relationships said anything to you? Tell us in the comments!


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  • Karen

    My mom used to nag me so much at high school because I was so uninterested in having a relationship… she tried to set me up, to arrange “casual” dates, almost even bribed me…
    When I started college and became a serial dater, she got upset because I was dating without her consent… I really hated when she and some of my friends nagged me so much for choosing being single. You aren’t ill, you just don’t feel like dating!!

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