From The Message Boards: Did I Lose My Virginity?

We talk a lot about virginity here from whether you should tell your sister you’re not a virgin to deciding if you’re ready to lose it. Some people think it’s a big deal, some people don’t. It’s all about personal preference!

This week y’all are talking about if you actually lost your virginity or not.

Let’s see what you had to say!

petrichorr asked:

“If a girl has her underwear on and the guy does not and he is hard and the girl is kind of dry humping him and the tip of his penis kind of goes a little into the vagina through the underwear, did said girl lose her virginity?”

xgirlnomoreleftoutx said:

“I hear if the penis goes in a tip of the vagina the girl is no longer a virgin.”

jnutty2014 said:

“No this does not mean you lost your virginity.”

lacrimis said:
“No, you are still a virgin. It only really counts if the naked penis goes inside of a naked vagina.”

kissmeimleah said:

“‘Breaking the hymen’ has nothing to do with losing your virginity. Sex is when the penis enters into the vagina, and intercourse happens. You and your boyfriend didn’t have sex. So yes, you are still a virgin. But ‘virginity’ means different things, to different people.”

I would say that you did not lose your virginity. No intercourse happened, ergo you are still a virgin. I define losing your virginity as having sexual intercourse, regardless of the hymen being in tact or not.

The truth is, your hymen can break from a number of things whether it’s using a tampon, exercising, you name it. That’s not an accurate way to determine if someone is a virgin or not. So let’s just take hymens out of the equation.

When it comes to virginity, people have different definitions. Some people think having oral sex is enough to lose it. Some people think getting fingered means you’re not a virgin. Everyone has different beliefs. But generally speaking, having intercourse tends to be the deciding factor.
Have you ever wondered if you really lost your virginity? How do you define losing it? Tell us in the comments!

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  • stuey

    hiya, im looking for a girl between 10 and 15 who wants to lose her virginity and or become pregnant or who just wants to experiment. Safe and loving environment 🙂 also any bi moms into daughter and mother sharing 🙂

  • Curious girl

    If I went with a boy into the bed and his all penis came into my vagina without condon like 20 times and then I licked his penis a lot of times.
    Am I a virgin?

    • Lunabunaa


  • Rachel

    If you masturbate are you still a virgin. Or does it depend on the way you masturbate??????

    • Jasmine

      Yes you still are a virgin. For most people you lose your virginity when you have intercourse, penis into vagina.

  • Rachel Verlinde

    I get it from my mom I always wont to have sex. If you masturbate are you still a Virgin. or does it depend on the way you masturbate ?