The Lazy Girl’s Guide To Staying Cool In The Summer

I don’t know about your neck of the woods, but it has been disgustingly hot in New York City the past few days. I’m a West Coast girl, so humidity is not my friend…at all. Where I’m from, where the sky isn’t broken, it can be super hot in the daytime but it’ll always cool off at night. On the hottest day of the year you’ll still need a light sweater in the evening. But here? 90 degrees at 10 PM. What? I’ve never understood it and I never will.

It’s important to find ways to stay cool, but let’s be honest: That can take some effort, like installing an fan in your bedroom. And who wants to do anything that takes any effort during the summer? If you’re like me and you really want some tips for beating the summer heat without breaking too much of a sweat, here’s our lazy girl’s guide to doing just that.

What do you do to cool off during the summer? Do you prefer humidity or dry heat? If you prefer humidity, are you from this planet? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Lesbo

    The Kristen Stewart one made me LOL! Seriously my mom came into my room wandering what I was loughing about!

  • Ariella

    The Kristen Stewart slide was hilarious! Well done.

  • Nicole

    LOL at the last one!