My Friends Think Carrying Condoms Makes Me Slutty, Here’s A Guy’s Take

Safe sex is super important, y’all. I can’t express that enough! One of my life mantras is “Always be prepared,” and I apply that to everything. Even sex.

So I generally have condoms on me. Like in my handbag, in my end table, in a pocket. You never know what’s going to happen!

But apparently, having condoms makes me slutty. At least according to some of my friends. One of my friends couldn’t believe that I carried condoms with me and said some nasty things to me. “Whore-ish” was one of the terms she used.

Then she said that because I was on birth control, condoms shouldn’t be my responsibility. What? Why not? I was all sorts of confused by that extra statement.

First of all, I don’t understand how being prepared and wanting to have SAFE sex makes me slutty or “whore-ish.” If anything, it makes me responsible and smart. And yeah, I’m on birth control, but I hardly think that means I’m not responsible for condoms.

I know too many people who have been hooking up with someone when neither of them had a condom, and they hooked up anyway. And then there were consequences. I don’t want to be in that situation! So it’s pretty irritating to me that some of my girlfriends think it’s slutty to have condoms because it’s totally the opposite of slutty.

I wanted to consult a guy on the issue and see if guys thought it was slutty. I chatted with one of my guy friends, and he said “Absolutely not!” He explained that sometimes he forgets to buy more or put one in his pocket. He did say that he thought it was fair for the guy to get condoms if the girl is on birth control so both parties are doing their share to be safe.

I asked what he would think if a girl whipped out a condom mid-hookup. He grinned and said, “What do you think? That would be awesome!”

Carrying condoms does not make you seem slutty. It makes you responsible, smart and in charge of your sex life.

What do you think about girls carrying condoms? Do you think it’s slutty? Tell us in the comments!

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  • James

    Sorry but it does make you a slut; if any woman whipped out a condom while I was getting it on, I would be turned off and probably make some excuse and leave! Why? Because it shows that the woman is “out for sex” and that makes her more likely to have some nasty STD…simple as that!

  • Rhonda

    It would be foolish not to be prepared. When I want sex; I WANT it! If he doesn’t have a condom, I DO! Ali is right “it just means that if you and a guy decide to have sex you’ll be glad you always keep protection around.” I have sex often and none of my friends think I’m a slut. All of us hang out together and enjoy each other’s company. When we talk about sex, we just describe how good it was. I hate the word slut.

  • Ali

    I think you need new friends. Having condoms doesn’t mean you’re constantly trying to get a hook up (though that’s fine too) it just means that if you and a guy decide to have sex you’ll be glad you always keep protection around. That’s like saying don’t carry tampons everywhere because it looks like you’re always on your period and have some sort of medical issue. No, it means when the time comes I’ll have protection.

  • Ellie

    You know there is this documentary that compares sex ed in the Netherlands and the US and we’re doing really poorly. The producers interviewed teenagers from both countries about this very question and a lot of the american teenagers said the girl would be considered “easy” or “desperate”. It’s sad really but I guess we can blame our poor education for this faulty logic.

    • Savvy

      Ellie, I’ve seen that documentary! I loved it even though it scared me on how stupid sex ed is in the US. Censored sex is used EVERYWHERE in advertisement and the porn industry is booming because our society shames nakedness and sex. There are so many mixed messages so sex has turned into a dirty taboo – it feels good, but it’s evil, so you shouldn’t talk about it or ever want it. Stupid, stupid, stupid! The Netherlands has is right.