15 Moments In Degrassi That Changed My Life

I was in 6th grade when Degrassi: The Next Generation started, a part of their primary demographic of millennials. By middle school I was hooked and managed to get my friends hooked on this lethal concoction of contrived teen drama. Little did I know at the time that this show would be my gateway drug into more mature–and equally ridiculous–teen dramas like Skins (UK). And little did I know how much some of these episodes and characters from the first few seasons would stick with me. Honestly, I’m pretty sure that I know the details of Emma Nelson’s first period better than my own.

From issues of abuse, to body image, and puberty and sex, Degrassi–as its old catch phrase assured–“goes there.” There was nothing like it on the air at the time, and though even my 14-year-old self knew that these Canadian darlings weren’t the best actors in the world, I knew that this might still be one of the best shows in the world. It’s still running, but I gave up on it right before Drake–ha–and a good chunk of the original cast made their leave. But this show has left me with enough moments and memories to make this one of the most formative shows I’ve encountered. Here’s a list of 15 moments from Degrassi that totally changed my life–though I’m sure there are more!

How many of you watched the early seasons of Degrassi? Are you still watching it now? What Degrassi moment stands out the most for you? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Kiarts

    This article make me so happy. When Degrassi first came out my parents didn’t want me to watch it. But around 2007 I got hooked and obsessed. Talked about it in all my convos and binge watched when Netflix actually had some of the show. Back before people really stopped getting the DVDs and started streaming. Watched DTNG, AND Junior high and High!! Not as regular anymore but I do miss it lol

  • Joanna

    I still watch Degrassi, and even though it’s a whole new cast (except for Snake) it’s still interesting. In season 10, a new character, Eli, was almost stabbed and it was pretty intense. The whole episode was good.

    The thing that stands out the most happened in season 12 though. One of the new characters, Cam, commits suicide and the impact it has shows the best acting from the whole cast. You should check out Bittersweet Symphony, it’s worth watching.

  • Maddie

    JT was my favorite character : (

    Also they didn’t air Manny’s abortion here? So dumb!
    Because watching an episode of Degrassi would influence my decision to get an abortion, ‘Oh no i’m pregnant! What should I do?? Oh! I know, I once saw Manny, a fictional character on television get an abortion and she turned out just fine! I’ll get one too!’

    Get real America, every one knows their own personal values, beliefs, boundaries, ect! and if they don’t maybe they aren’t ready for that sort of responsibility in the first place.

  • Megan

    For Rick and Terri’s relationship, after she got out of the coma, she transferred to a private school so that she wouldn’t have to see and deal with Rick anymore. I’ve been watching this show since the beginning. I remember when the episode where Paige gets raped was new! That is how long I have been watching it. I still watch it to this day.

  • Victoria

    I never actually watched the episode that showed JT’s death. I was sad just hearing about it and since JT was one of my favorite characters at the time, I couldn’t bring myself to watch it.

  • Brenna

    I still cry over J.T’s death sometimes. Is that weird?

    • Arielle


    • Megan

      NO. I still cry like a baby whenever I watch that episode.

      • Emily

        I know me too! No matter how many times I see the episode I still cry!

  • Dawn

    JT was one of my (few) childhood crush and his death broke my heart! Just in time when things was kinda better for him, that’s terrible.

  • Lea

    Degrassi was my favorite show and I was rewatching all of it on netflix but they took it off of streaming! uUggggh I hate netflix lol

  • Neida

    Ashley Reese, you are my spirit animal.