Would You Rather: Celeb Hookup Edition!


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Okay, who hasn’t thought about getting hot and heavy with a really attractive celebrity? Answer: Nobody. You see them in in magazines, on TV and in GIFs that you can watch over and over and over again. Let’s be real, there’s probably one sitting in one of your billion tabs right now.

This week’s Would You Rather is all about celebrity hookups. Would you rather get hot and heavy with Zayn Malik or Harry Styles? What about Kristen Stewart or Taylor Swift? What about the idea of getting it on with some celebs you definitely aren’t attracted to at all? Well, our polls will get you thinking, whether you want to get a sensual massage from Benedict Cumberbatch or not.




Which celeb do you want to hook up with? Which celeb does everyone think is super hot but you just aren’t attracted to? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Jessica

    I’m glad you mentioned Ezra Miller. I’ve been liking him since last year when I watched his movie, We Need To Talk About Kevin. And he was SO sexy.

  • Dominica

    I would love to hook up with Taylor Lautner because that boy is all kinds of sexy;)But I just don’t understand how my friends could think Harry Styles is SO Hot. Personally I think he looks like he has a squirrel in his hair. Plus his mouth looks like.. Idek how to describe it? Oh wait! he looks like he has fish lips.(: My opinion

  • noemi

    i wanna f-k zayn SOOO BAD! HE’S SOOO DAMN SEXY!

  • Hannah

    My list (in no particular order):
    1) Daniel Radcliffe (I am SUCH a big Harry Potter fan!!!)
    2) Leonardo DiCaprio (I mean, come on!)
    3)My boyfriend (although he doesn’t REALLY count, I thought I should add him on the list, too.)

  • cosmicdancer64

    lol…before I met my boyfriend (who is my top priority right now)…I actually had a list. This is in no particular order:
    1) Brendon Urie of Panic! At the Disco
    2) Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy
    3) Jared Leto of 30 Seconds to Mars
    4) Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance
    5) Chris Evans
    6) Chris Pine
    7) Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day
    8) Adam Lazzara of Taking Back Sunday
    9) Channing Tatum (who doesn’t think he’s sexy?!)
    lol I think that’s it

    • Mrs. Solo Dolo

      Brendon Urie is now and always has been my number 1 for years!

    • littlevampgurl

      My celeb crush in order….
      1) Brendon Urie
      2) Pete Wentz
      3) Josh Hutchinson

      There all so my dream come true

    • qwerty

      Wow I would have the same list but Pete would be first (:

    • x

      Pete Wentz
      Jared Leto
      Gerard Way
      Chris Pine
      Billie Joe Armstrong
      Channing Tatum
      Ryan Gosling
      Liam Hemsworth
      Chris Hemsworth
      Logan Kerman
      Robert Downey Jr

      • x

        *Logan Lerman

  • diana

    um… let me think…Oh yeah, TAYLOR LAUTNER!!! how do none of you not think about him?!? i am so ashamed in all of you![head shake]. i like Zayn too.

  • Death

    The Avengers… Robert Downey Jr. AND Tom Hiddleston, I think yes!

  • Sarah Enzman


  • Sarah

    omg Bieber <3

  • Spock is sexy

    Omg Zachary Quinto, Anton Yelchin, and Benedeict Cumberbatch

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  • hannah

    im extremely attracted to harry styles but not a directioner and u don’t fan girl over him lol but he is sexy!!! and so is Leonardo Decaprio!!

  • Alexis

    Star Trek Reboot because Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto and Karl Urban and John Cho and Anton Yelchin and Bendictcal Cublertaind

  • Raven

    Can I say no to all of them? *asexual*

  • 1Dloverxxoo

    Mmm, hot celebs… Louis Tomlinson is a massive crush of mine – he’s fit and I love him, though not as much as my actual crush. Ahhhhhhhhhh……

  • Jillian

    I would have an orgy with the cast of The Avengers…Chris Hemsworth…drool…

    And what about Matthew Gray Gubler or Ian Sommerhalder going down on you?

    • Ava

      Yes, girl! I would let a shark slowly digest my right arm for the Gube.

  • alvadoe

    hook up with billie joe and i do not have the hots for justin bieber… feeling kinda alone on both parts

  • Obono

    I’d hook up with Jaden Smith and I think people are over exaggerating Justin Bieber’s looks not saying that he’s not handsome but at the same time he isn’t all that

  • Kiah McGregor

    I know he’s not famous famous; but at the moment, I have a HUGE crush on JC Caylen from Our2Life (Youtube Channel). Seriously, it is a massive crush..

  • LittleRedWolfGirl

    Just so you know, the selections for the first question don’t match the choices given in the question itself.