Does Liking Math Make Me A Loser?

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elizaisawesome101 asked:

“Would practicing math with practice problems over the summer make me seem like a loser? It’s my favorite subject & I like numbers. I don’t have too much else to do over the summer, since most of my friends are gonna be away, I never got a call from summer jobs I applied for, I’m only taking ONE summer course for my college, and my parents are going on vacation (they are leaving me home in case my jobs DO call me & for the summer course).

I don’t wanna be stuck online all day because computers are bad for your eyes….

So I wanna read a bit, go out and walk, scooter, and bike, and do some math. I’m just a little concerned about the math part because most people don’t like math….I’m starting college as a freshman in the fall, by the way…So what do you think, honestly?”

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  • Gicelle

    No way. I love algebra.

  • Roselove445

    You are so not a loser. My definition of a loser is some one who is a complete slacker and or a failure. In fact you are the very opposite of a loser. And you should never be afraid to do what you want based on the opinions of other people. Embrace who you are and people will either like it or not. Its impossible to please every one and if your still worried just remember that for some people smart choices like that is very attractive and those are the people you would want to be around given that you make smart choices. hope I helped!

  • MM

    No! Honestly, I wish I had the motivation to do math over the summer…haha I’m too swamped with AP US History work and Cross Country practices. Good for you!

  • annabel

    Of course not. Math doesnt make you a loser, it makes you smart!

  • Madison

    Wanting to do math does not make you a loser in the slightest. Not only are you preparing for your time in college but you are also doing what you enjoy, which is what really matters in the end. Just because your interests are different doesn’t mean they are strange; your love for math is unique and will ultimately help and set you apart from others in a positive way.