From The Message Boards: He Was Pressuring Me To Give Him A BJ, Should I Give Him Another Chance?

When it comes to sex and hooking up, being pressured is one of the most uncomfortable things. You feel scared and intimidated. You might feel guilty for not saying yes to something you don’t want to do, but you’ll also feel guilty if you do. It’s really awful.

This week y’all are talking about if you should give someone another chance after they’ve tried to pressure you into doing something you don’t want to do.

alegnatm said:

“He’s just looking to get into your pants. If you hangout with him again he’s just going to keep putting on the pressure and once you give in to one thing he’s going to start trying to pressure you into doing more. I don’t think you should see him again, he might seem nice but he definitely just wants sex.”

Tinsel said:
“I wouldn’t recommend seeing him again. He won’t stop pressuring you. It seems like he’s more into sexual things than an actually relationship right now, and trust me, it isn’t fair for you to be emotionally involved while he is simply in it for the no pants dance. Because I can almost guarantee that is what he’s leading up to. You deserve respect.”

tinyxtrickster said:
“Never see him again. Even as your saying no, he kept trying to force you to do things. He is using you. Just trying to get pleasure from someone who he knows likes him. Trust me, as soon as you give yourself up to him, he will leave you hanging in a snap. He isn’t a nice guy at all. If he was nice, then he would have stopped after the first no. Not worth a second of your time.”

Fleur_Kalliope said:
“You really need to fight the fact that you like him and stay away from that. He sounds a lot like the first guy to kiss me. I started to fall head over heels for him, let him jerk me for six months… and then he sexually assaulted me. Please… don’t stay with him. Any guy that doesn’t listen to “no” right away is not worth a nanosecond of any woman’s time. I’m begging you… don’t continue.”

In this situation, I’m glad to know that this girl did not give into the pressure. However, the fact that he pressured her in the first place makes him a huge jerk! A guy who respects you will listen when you say “no” without question. He won’t keep bringing it up.

If someone has pressured you into doing something that you’re not okay with, they clearly do not care about your feelings. When I was fifteen, I went on a date with a guy who tried to pressure me into hooking up. I said no, and he made me feel so horrible for rejecting him. But at the end of the day, it was his problem, not mine. I didn’t go out with him again because it would have been the same situation.

This guy is just going to keep pressuring you, and you deserve so much better than that. You are allowed to say no. Do not ever feel guilty or feel like you’re doing something wrong by saying no and sticking up for yourself.

Have you ever been pressured by someone before? What happened? Did you give them another shot? Tell us in the comments!

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