Quiz: Are You A Pushover?

Unless you’re a total sociopath, you try to avoid upsetting others. This is especially true when we consider our friends, family, loved ones or other awesome people in our lives. We don’t want our best friend or our favorite teacher to be disappointed in us and when we think they are disappointed in us, the guilt claws at our stomachs like hungry owls. Horrific imagery aside, it’s important to know that this desire to be people-pleasers can go a little too far.

Look, we’ve all been a total pushover before, but some people are pushovers all the time. In the never ending quest to please others, they sacrifice their feelings, their time and their happiness to make sure that somebody else is happy instead. Sad but true. What’s even sadder and even more true is that most pushovers don’t even know that they’re a pushover because they’re so used to it!

So could you be a pushover and not even know it? Take our quiz and find out!



Do you have a friend who is a total pushover? Are you realizing that you are, in fact, that one friend who is a total pushover? Tell us about it in the comments!

Quiz: Are You A One Upper?

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