5 Reasons Why You Skipped A Period–And It’s Not Pregnancy!

When we think of a skipped period, we tend to automatically think of pregnancy. And, of course, it’s true that skipping your period could be a sign of pregnancy. But it’s not the only one, which must bring on a sigh of relief for some of you who are sexually active and a lot of confusion for those who aren’t. So here are 5 reasons why you might have skipped a period.

1) Stress

Stress sucks and our body agrees. Stress can trigger breakouts, headaches and raise our blood pressure. And guess what else it can screw up? Your menstrual cycle! When our stress levels are severe enough, one of our hormones (GnHR) decreases, which delays our body’s ovulation and menstruation. It can take a couple of months–and a lot of relaxation–for your cycle to stop its irregularity.

2) Weight gain 

Gaining a significant amount of weight can cause hormones to shift the menstrual cycle or even stop it. Weight loss can trigger the menstrual cycle to start up again even if you’re still overweight.

3) Weight loss

For those who  are underweight, the body doesn’t have enough fat to induce menstruation and your periods can stop all together. This phenomenon is called amenorrhea and it is common among people who suffer from eating disorders such as anorexia or bulimia, athletes and women who are obsessed with working out. But you can experience this even if you’ve simply started a rigorous workout regimen. Weight gain will usually prompt menstruation, but it is still a good idea to talk to a doctor about it.

4) Birth control

Hormonal birth control methods like birth control pills can cause irregular periods, especially if you stop taking them. But don’t sweat it since it’s pretty common. You can even use your birth control to delay your period intentionally, but do this at you and your doctor’s discretion.

5) Changing your schedule

New changes can put stress on your body, especially if you’re working at different hours than you were before. This throws your body and your cycle for a loop. Travel can have a similar effect. If you’re doing a bit of travelling through time zones this summer, you might get jet lag and “period lag,”

A few alternate causes of a skipped period include pelvic or ovarian problems, thyroid issues or illness. If you’re skipping your period regularly, definitely talk to your doctor to make sure that nothing is wrong with your body.

Have you freaked out after skipping a period? Are your periods super irregular? Tell us about it in the comments!



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  • LilleMeg

    I really don’t understand my period. Sometimes I’ll have a somewhat regular schedule (for about 3 months at most), but then all of a sudden I’ll skip it for 7 months straight! And when I do get it, it’s either just a few drops or a waterfall! And it lasts for two weeks every time! My first period was when I was 12, and I’m 15 now. I’m a virgin too. Help!!

  • lulu

    I had sex with my boyfriend three weeks ago and have done since but I am really worried because I skipped my period, ive been on the pill for a year and never had a problem with skipping so its kinds scared me, im suppose to take finnish my 7 day break and dont knkw whether ti Continue taking it or stop incase I am pregnant anyone know ?

  • Eudevie

    I’ve noticed my period date changes when i move to another place with other menstruating women. for some reason they like to sync up. Also had a bad bug that lasted a couple days that delayed my period til i was better,then it hit.

  • Dr. Nabila

    It is very nice to have periods on holidays or on special days because it provides an opportunity to enjoy extraordinarily with your husband or boyfriend.

  • Cam

    I got my first period on my birthday! I was 11… it sucked.

    • LilleMeg

      I got mine on my (now ex) boyfriend’s birthday when I was 12, and he was really sad!

  • Emily

    I guess this isn’t really related but does anyone know why periods always happen on holiday? it’s really annoying!

    • V

      I always get it on important events. Graduation dress was white, and I got my period that morning and couldn’t wear it. I’m still very irregular though. But Maybe it has to do with stress because you’re least stressed on holiday and you get it then? I don’t really know, I’m just guessing haha!

    • C

      I was wondering that too! I got my first period on holiday, it was really awful.

    • Superbandgeek

      It’s mother nature’s way of saying “Screw you and your holiday’s”

    • Samwise

      Probably because you are more relaxed and it triggers something.

    • LittleRedWolfGirl

      Hate to say it but that’s just bad luck on your part. Sometimes mine have happened around holidays, but just as often they don’t.

    • missy

      or when you have something plan out thats fun and then bamm its that time