What It’s REALLY Like When Your Ex Gets A New Girlfriend, In GIFs

The only thing worse than seeing your ex-boyfriend out in public when you least expect it is seeing him out in public with his new girlfriend. Ugh. It doesn’t matter how you and your ex broke it off – it’s normal to have feelings of resentment towards his new girlfriend, especially if you’re not over him yet. Then it just hurts.

Of course, you eventually won’t care who your ex is dating and you might even feel happy for him that he’s moved on. But in the beginning, it can be really difficult to get used to the idea of the guy you used to be so close with being that close with another girl who isn’t you. It’s not a great feeling and it can be kind of embarrassing to talk about because you don’t want to look bitter or immature – you want to look like you’re so over it. So, here’s what it’s REALLY like when your ex gets a new girlfriend, explained in GIFs (because what other way is there to explain things?).


You and your ex broke up a few months ago and you’ve been pretty miserable.

crying gif

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BUT. You’re finally starting to get over him! 

smile gif

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Until you look at his Facebook. Wait… who… is… this… girl… 

mulan gif

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shocked gif

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You sit at your computer and try not to cry as you attempt to look through her entire Facebook. 

typing gif

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You frantically text your best friend the news.

texting gif

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She’s like, “Let me see her picture. Ew, you’re so much cuter.”

disgusted gif

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This doesn’t make you feel any better.

rihanna gif

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You guys rip on your ex and talk about how you feel really sorry for his new girlfriend, actually.

talking gif

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This still doesn’t make you feel better.

sad gif

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There are a thousand questions running through your mind. How did he get over you so quickly?!

shocked gif

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Was he cheating on you?

surprised gif

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How is he dating someone new ALREADY when you’re still not over it?! 

blerg gif

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You need to show him what he’s missing. You post a really hot picture of yourself on Facebook.

pleased gif

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You also start commenting on some of his friend’s pages. Let him see you flirting!

typing gif

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Your friends try to distract you. It doesn’t work.

no gif

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You hit a low point when you beg a friend to add his new GF on Facebook so you can look at all of her pictures.

begging gif

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Now it feels like you’re not over him and you have to start this moving on process from the beginning.\

raining gif

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Wait, did she really comment, “I love you” on his page?! 

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You hate your ex. You HATE him. 

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You text or message him something very immature then you’re like… 

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You feel really bummed out for a while.

Source: Giphy

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But eventually, you realize you’re better off without him. 

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And it feels pretty great. 

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Do you think this is accurate? What do you do when your ex starts dating someone new? Have you ever been in this position? Tell me in the comments.

What it’s really like to crush on your BFF’s boyfriend

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  1. avatarJMD says:

    Oh boy, this is exactly what is happening for me. I was with him for 19 months, he doesn’t really even break up with me, just says something stupid over text about me finding someone else to make me happy… and thats it. Its 3 months since the BU and I am doing pretty good until… I decide to unblock his FB page to see what he is up to. WARNING: NEVER DO THIS!!! I see he is in a relationship and happy photos all over the place. Then I see he put he met her in May, we broke up in June. OKAY? I am now starting all over, feeling like crap. :(

  2. avatarStephanie says:

    So, my ex-fiance and I were together for over three years. It ended this past December. Three weeks before we broke it off, he said he felt like I didn’t need him anymore; that he wasn’t good enough for me. That’s when I started working in the hospital while he’s still working in the mall and trying to get into NYPD and was doing poorly in his EMT classes. He was like, “I just really miss you, and I just wish you were here” because he’s still in NY. Well, fast forward three weeks later where he called me and broke it off five days before my birthday, a week before my finals, and two weeks before I was set to fly back to NY from HI (I moved and go to school there). His reason was that he “didn’t feel the same anymore” even though three weeks prior he was saying, “We’re gonna be on different paths right now, but in the end, it’s gonna be us. As long as we’re together, everything is gonna be okay.” And the day before we broke it off, we were talking about what we were wearing to broadway when I got back. So, it caught me completely off guard. A week after, i found out he was hanging out with his ex from middle school who I hate and i thought, “how convenient that as soon as we broke up, he’s talking to her again.” I found out he cheated. Maybe not physically (although I’m not sure), but emotionally, he cheated. Ever since then, I told myself I am never going to be the one to get hurt. And to remind myself of that everyday, I got my left ribs tattooed with that quote and heart of stone.

    I don’t really know how I feel about the breakup and the lies nowadays since I’ve been dating around and just living my life, but I will always have the pleasure in knowing that I’m way cuter and she has a big flat nose and a fivehead. (:

  3. avatarMandi says:

    Hahaha this made me feel better I’m glad I’m not the only obsessive one who goes crazy over exes. When I was 14 I sent an awful mean message to my first boyfriend after he broke up with me over text (haha what else) and I still cringe at how stupid it was! We women are so funny sometimes

  4. avatarKaren says:

    I Know how you feel my ex dumped me Now he is with someone new I’m still not over him I feel so lonely an sad all the time we don’t even speak anymore we was together all the time I miss him solo much wat should I do…

  5. avatarjustagirl says:

    This is awesome funny and totally true ;)

  6. avatarLyn says:

    Nice to know I’m not alone in this, although hate so many are in similar positions. Need to share this with EXaholics.com

  7. avatarurrch says:

    Happened just right now. My ex and I dated for three years and broke up 3 1/2 months ago. I randomly checked his Facebook today and his new girlfriend made him a poster of their 3rd monthsary. Check that – 3rd. Do the math.

  8. avatarDana says:

    Wait…. have you been watching me for the past two weeks?! This THE TRUTH!!!! (p.s. thanks, needed it. made me smile)

  9. avatardardee says:

    Thank you so much for this.
    My ex boyfriend and I broke up. He told me he still loved me but maybe it’s time for us to have a little space for a while. He told me he will not have a new girlfriend since he was still having a hard time because of our break up. 12 days later, my friends saw him in a club with another girl. They were inseparable. Wow such an ahole. He’s also dating this girl haha

  10. avatarAnonymous says:

    I’m going to make you all feel so much better.

    My ex dumped me over skype just 5 days before we were going to spend the summer together (since I turned down an out-of-state high-paying internship to stay here with him since apparently he “NEEDED me” and it was going to be our last free summer together before graduation.

    3 days later, he makes out with his best girlfriend’s best friend
    7 days later, I try to get him back and we sleep together for 3 days while he still talks to this girl.
    10 days later, he says we should try dating other people so we can figure out what we want. He also says he justs wants to “be alone” and doesn’t want a relationship for a while.

    “a while” ends up being about 1 week and he already meets her parents and is parading her around as his girlfriend

    He also texts me “I know you’re pissed but why cant we just talk as friends?”

    A month later he professes that he’s in love with her.

    5 months later, they’re still together and have already done everything that he and I did together (from a relationship of over a year) and more…

    There’s also about 200 pictures of them on his Facebook. There were never any of us.

    Do I win?

    • avatarButtercup says:

      Show his new girlfriend proofs that he is still talking to you and tell her that and just wait for the results. I actually broke up with my ex two years ago we dated for 4 weeks but the next day after the break up he started dating a girl and three days he broke up with her then later started dating but it only lasted for 4 weeks and me and my ex became fwb for a really long while until a few days ago when I went up to his place. Five days he is dating a new girl that I don’t know if she lives in the same city as he does but they are in a relationship. Knowing my ex I think they are not gonna last like I say he only last for the 4 week but i dont know. And funny thing is I try to warned her about him but in the end I wish her luck with cris because she is really gonna need it

  11. avatarNaomi says:

    Thank you for this! made me laugh so hard because it was so true! I was getting over him and then bam! so fast he was already putting stuff on fb about him and this new girl (hugs and kisses emoticons in there too). It was upsetting because we were together for almost 4 years and it took him no time at all to start a new serious relationship and it annoys me that I am still the only one missing him (even though he really was a jerk) but, since I had to restart, I blocked his fb so I don’t need to see all those kisses and stuff on my fb :) and then I find stuff like this that gives me a laugh haha in time I will forget all the insults he said to me and move on!

  12. avatarChelsea says:

    Ex boyfriend has been trying to rub his new dates in my face. This really made my day and this is so true hahaha

  13. avatarcleannez10 says:

    I just saw my ex’s facebook page and I knew that he was trying to hit on someone..when i clicked on her picture, BAM! her cover photo is her with my ex..so sweet!

    my last piece of hope just crashed in front of me and i couldn’t sleep because their pictures together haunt me the whole night. it was really painful because i was still hoping that things will work out for us, but my closure is there, in facebook!!

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  18. avatarrups says:

    I really needed this thanks a bunch

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