GIF My Life: Going To The Beach

I’m from Los Angeles, so people expect me to love going to the beach. But honestly, eh, the beach is alright. After going through so much summer camp as a kid and going to every beach in Southern California, I was beached out by age 10. Sand gets everywhere, it’s usually full of people unless I make an extra trek toward a more secluded spot and did I mention that sand gets everywhere?  And I mean everywhere. The beach is okay, but I’d rather go vintage shopping than hit the beach.

But hey, the beach is a summer staple, and you’ve gotta go at least once during these hot months. GIF Girl knows what I’m talking about. Here’s a story about her beach outing, told with GIFs.


Planning a beach outing is always a great way to get your friends together. I always make sure to make a ton of food.



Then I try to get everything to fit in the car–towels, sunscreen, fold-up chairs–which is a pain in the ass. I end up packing too much junk and I look like I’m trying to fit a body in the trunk.



Finally, we all hop in the car, ready to feel the wind through our hair.



Except, we’re not the only ones who thought today was a great day to go to the beach and I end up spending half of the afternoon sitting in traffic. And I’m just about ready to get out and walk to the beach myself…or ready to go crazy.



And I swear if I have to hear that Macklemore song one more time I’m going to hulk out.



Finally, we get to the beach, only to find that the price of parking has gone up.



After handing over more money than I intended, we set off for a nice secluded spot. Of course, the most secluded spot is hard to find, since apparently the entire city decided that this was the only day all summer that they could go to the beach.



By the time we start eating, the food is lukewarm and sorta gross. And, of course, sand finds its way into the potato salad!



So we just decide to hit the waves instead. And it’s nice, actually! 



But after a while, I get a little tired of the water. As I emerge,  I realize that I should have spent more time getting cute guys to put sunscreen on my back.



At least I didn’t get sunburned like some of my friends.



All in all, the day was okay, but a bit of a dud. But the worst part of it all will be spending the next 2 days getting out of my cooch.


Is the beach your go to place during the summer? What was your worst beach experience? Is your closest beach full of shoobies? Tell us in the comments!


Summer Expectations Vs. Reality In GIFs
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