10 Things That We’re Curious About Regarding Sex Ed At Hogwarts

Sex ed is really important, obviously. There’s a lot to learn, and as we all know, sex ed could be way more informative. I know my sex ed class wasn’t really that helpful. I mean, we watched some old school film in black and white. And they were like, “So…sex.”

We often think about sex ed in the context of our lives, but what about in fictional worlds? We had a conversation last week in the office about what sex ed would be like in some of our favorite fictional stories. I obviously wanted to know what was going on with sex ed at Hogwarts.

I know Harry, Ron and Hermione had bigger things to worry about than making it to class, but come on. Wizard sex ed has to be so weird!

So I’ve come up with some information and questions regarding wizard sex ed just for you!

What do you think sex ed would be like at Hogwarts? Tell us in the comments!

What condition does Emma Watson Have?

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  • lily

    I can just see teaching sex end
    He just burst in like:
    There will be no foolish wand waving in this class
    20 mins later
    Although some of you seem to not need to pay attention, Mr.potter

  • Karen

    hahahahahahahahahahhaahaha this is the most hilarious sex list i’ve ever read!! and most of all, quite true.

    Snape giving sex ed? *shrugs* I would SO miss that class. If instead of Snape, it was given by certain DATDA werewolf teacher, I wouldn’t want to leave the classroom 😉

  • LittleRedWolfGirl

    I honestly don’t think it would be too different from our sex ed. I mean, they’re still human. They don’t have to worry about Animagus or werewolves because they’re still human and have human anatomy most of the time. You wouldn’t be getting it on (at least I hope you wouldn’t) while they were in animal form. They probably do have certain spells or potions to help with STDs, pregnancies, and cramps, but it’s not like their sex is really different. Like I said, they are still human.

  • Ginger

    hahahaha Caitlin, this really made me laugh!! Very creative and valid questions. two thumbs up!

  • hellloooh

    about number five:
    (from tumblr

  • Tutleshelll

    Actually Hogwarts students don’t live in coed dorms, they have a boys dormitory and a girls dormitory.

    • Brie

      I thought the same thing. Maybe she just saw the movies… Haha.