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ItsAGeekThing said:

“I’m a virgin. I masturbate from time to time but I’ve never really thought much about it before. I have a lot of questions.

Is it bad? I mean people look down on it kind of, right?

Is it dangerous? Will it hurt me in any way?

What exactly does an orgasm feel like? I’m just curious.”

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Can you be allergic to your boyfriend’s semen?

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  • LJBD

    Hey girls, for all of you who want to have sex (and those who don’t believe in sex at 13). It’s always important to feel safe and comfortable. You realize you have sex your first time only once. I just want to list a few things I believe are key. 1. YOU SHOULD FEEL SAFE! if you feel scared or hesitant to do something like that, then please don’t do it. Always have means of birth control. Things like condoms and pills. 2. make sure that you really want to do this with whoever you are doing it with, enjoy it! even if you wont stay together after you should at least have fun, make it something you won’t regret. 3. Clear up on myths, most of you virgins won’t feel much pain, you can feel pain and you can bleed. So take time on foreplay and bring some lube, just don’t use too much lube such as to the point where it feels like a swimming pool. 4. go find Laci Green on youtube she gives awesome advice. 5. Let your parents know, they should know that their child is ready to have sexual intercourse. That and so they are there and understanding when you need them if something goes wrong. An honest and frank conversation with your parents can really help with you in the future (plus don’t get mad if they say no and freak out, they love you and they want whats best for their children) 6. Know the difference between sex, and rape. PLEASE I’ve known too many friends who were taken advantage of in situations similar. Know how to handle the situation. (also theres another reason your parents should know) but if you feel that you have been violated immediately ask your parents to go to the hospital so they can collect evidence then contact police. No one deserves to get away with rape. 7. Don’t worry too much about orgasming or about how it should feel, in all honesty I believe you should go with what makes you feel good. Don’t be pushy, and don’t be rude. It’s never just a mans job to please you. Sex is there so you both feel good, just because he’s the man doesn’t mean he gets left out or pressured to be the one to work on pleasing you. 8. Respect yourself, I suggest not getting into degrading acts or things that make you feel uncomfortable, same thing as before, it’s not just your job to please him, the pleasure is equal. 9. Don’t be afraid, have fun. If you both enjoy what you are doing, then do it! If you don’t then stop. 10. Don’t let another persons experience get in your way. Just because a friend did this, or your partner had that done before, doesn’t mean you have to do it and doesn’t mean you will enjoy it. Although you may want to try (unless it seems that unappealing).
    Either way it is YOUR life and the choices are out in front of you. Please be safe and do what you believe is best for you. Know that people support you and that people love you! Much luck 🙂

  • beth

    Im 30 years old i just wont ask you something i masturbate and i can get off fast but win i have sex i cant get off at all help me

  • maisey

    I masterbate in the bath when I get my legs as wide as possible and finger. I started doing this when I was 12 and it was fun

  • Julia

    I had my first intercourse with my boyfriend yeaterday on my 15th birthday. My mom and I started planning for the BIG EVENT six months ago!

  • a

    I am not sex shaming anyone. I just believe that such an intimate thing such as sex should be treasured and not just given away so easily. Masturbation, yes that is completely natural and more than ok as you are exploring your own body. But when you get onto sex I believe that the reason there is an age (usually 16) is because by then you know if you really want to do it, and for the right reasons because sex goes further than pleasure.

  • Hailey

    Even though now I can’t understand 13 year olds (in my area at least) wanting to have sex (because a lot of them already do), I remember that I felt the same exact way at 13. I felt weird for being a virgin, even though, from what I know, nobody my age had lost their virginity. I’m 15 now, and still a virgin, and I’m proud of it. Sorta. I haven’t actually dated a guy ever, but I feel more prepared now to know if I’m actually ready. (:

    • Nancy

      I’m 13 and I love having sex and with multiple guys. I love sucking cock and swallowing as well as having sexual intercourse. It is so much fun!

      • Liz

        Enjoy being pregnant at 15 and never respecting yourself.

  • pinkheart

    I just read on chickRx where they said that our orgasms from using a Vibrator are more intense and better feeling than with having sex with a man. But it also said that we enjoy the sex more than just doing it with a vibrator because of the closeness. I can see that being that way because when we masturbate we can control exactly what and where we want it to feel good, and with sex you cant always do that because another person is involved. But we cant hug our vibrator after orgasming like we can hug a guy and that is an important part of sex.

  • bikini girl

    When I’m in the bath tub i put my legs in the air and scoot to the end so my butt’s against the wall @ my vag queen is right under the faucet. i adjust the temp with my feet and it feels really nice. I need new ideas though 🙂

    • Rhonda

      Use your fingers at the same time!

  • honeybooboo (lulu)

    hey i am 13 and i think i am ready to loose my virginity i am so so so so scared about how it will feel wht will hapen and if i get hurt need some help or advice please thankyou xoxoxox

    • sarah

      Honey, okay don’t LOSE your virginity until you can spell it right. If you don’t feel ready, if you feel scared then you’re not ready.

  • honeybooboo (lulu)

    hey guys i am 13 and have not lost my virginty i dont really masturbate but like how do you do it ? and i am thinking about loosing my virginty with me biggest crush but the only thing that is stopping me is he is 16 and i do not know what to do i need advice asap thank you so much and i need to know if i do loose my virginity will it hurt what do i do how do i know if i am doing it right ???!!!

    • SilentVoice

      I’ll be honest I’m still a virgin so I can’t tell you whether it’ll hurt or not. As for losing your virginity at 13 there is nothing wrong with it and its your life. Though I Highly recommend not to. Forgive me if I sound like one of those old grandmas even though Im 16 lol. Think about this you are 13 you still have your highschool years who knows what could happen? What if you meet another guy? Look he may be a crush now but remember you still have years to meet the one. I don’t know the exact details but if you are in a relationship with this crush of yours for how long? All in all think about the future. And even if you have the SLIGHTEST doubt or hesitation about it DON’T DO IT, because by all means I wouldn’t want you to regret it in the future. As for masturbation, it’s perfectly normal and look it up on how it’s done and find out what a clit is.I feel embrassessed explaining it never explained to anyone before so that’s as much I’ll say x.x

    • Gicelle

      Depending on ‘age of consent’ in your state, it could be illigal to have sex with a 16 year old so i would check that if i were you.

    • Judy

      Honey lulu, start masturbating a lot using your fingers or any smooth object like a hairbrush handle or dildo or vibrator if you can get one. This will help prepare your vagina for penis insertion. Don’t worry about what to do; it s a lot of fun to experiment your first time. Get naked together, lose your inhibitions, get very comfortable with each other and lube his penis with KY jelly and spread some at the entrance of your vagina. This will help with pain. Some girls experience pain but thankfully I did not. My first time was wonderful and I look back on it fondly! Hope this helps!

    • cateline

      Lulu, I lost my virginity when I was turning 13 to an 18 yr old guy. Age is immaterial. Just try masturbating with your fingers and make sure you do it till you orgasm. This gives you some understanding of what you will feel and experience.
      It doesnt hurt if you are prepared. Plenty of lube, a lot of foreplay, privacy and time. Dont rush things. Make him go down on you. Insist on it. You will enjoy it and you will start becoming very wet and moist. That would be the perfect time to let him penetrate you. Even better if you are having an orgasm while he is penetrating you. Let him in by opening your legs wide. Let him in real deep. Jst enjoy yourself and done feel shy or embarrassed or nervous.

    • samantha

      I masterbate by sitting down, naked, and open your legs. Open your legs really wide, and you might get an orgasm. Then rub and finger until you orgasm. I would do this on a floor in a bathroom. Opening your legs so you can get fingers in the vagina really helps!!
      I have been masterbating since I was 9 and I do it five times a day. Open legs wide, I get a thrill

  • Brianna

    The best thing about masturbation is that you have complete control of what feels right for you. Masturbation doesn’t hurt anyone it’s even known to be healthy to masturbate.

  • Brittany

    doesnt it hurt the first time a girl has sex? how can you “pop” your cherry?

    • LJBD

      Hun popping the cherry is a myth and sex should not be extremely painful. It can be but most people should not feel things like that. If it hurts you tell them to stop!

      • jake

        poping the cherry is not a myth dumb fuck the thing is most womens hymen or “cherry” gets popped during their youth w/o them knowing or from the use of tampons

  • Sherry

    Honey i agree with these ladies above. I’m almost 16 & i masturbate every chance i get. It’s your body, EXPLORE IT.

  • pinkheart

    Its not bad, its healthy, its better than feeling the sexual tension from not having sex so masturbating is a good outlet.

    Keeps us from wanting every guys penis and is good satisfaction even when you are in a relationship.

    • Ann

      I agree, pinkheart, that masturbation is good, clean, jealthy fun! Although I don’t want every guys’ penis inside me , I do want a lot of guys to fuck me. I masturbate every day and have sexual intercourse at least three times a week!

  • Matshidiso

    Im still a virgin and my b.f alwyz tel me that we must do sex in the street,i dnt want to loose my virginity in the street and he dnt understand that,wat should i do?

    • ????

      Just tell him that is not where you want to loose your virginity and ask if he would be up to trying to find some where more comfortable for you to do it. I lost my virginity on stairs and honey it wasn’t how i wanted at all but it just happened but i love my bf so i’m fine with it:) just make sure you are ready and that you want to loose it with him and he understands your wishes

    • Gicelle

      Um, again, you could get ARRESTED for having sex in public. You don’t want to have that on your record-it might make it harder to get a job or get into college.

  • j.r

    What the hell is wrong with society these days? Like I’m 100% done. That should be the last thing on your mind at 13. I was still playing with my nintendogs and legos and other girly things at that age. My god I really hate people. I haven’t had faith in humanity for a very long time but…..UGH. anyways its perfectly normal and healthy and okay for you to masturbate. It is not ideal “dinner table conversation” so to speak but many youmg women and women masturbate and its not a big deal. Don’t let anyone tell you its “wrong” or “taboo” its just exploring your body and that’s okay 🙂

  • Theresa

    Masturbation is the first step on the road to sexual bliss, “ItsAGeekThing”, and since you are masturbating now you must know how wonderful it feels. Masturbation will not hurt you at all if you use your fingers, or the smooth end of a small hairbrush. It is good clean, honest, and heathful fun. Masturbation will help prepare your vagina for the much more wonderful and fulfilling act of intercourse. Gently massage your clitoris and try to bring yourself to orgasm. If you continue to masturbate it will prepare your vagina for penetration by a hard penis and therefore, your “first time” should hurt very little or maybe not at all. When you get an orgasm, YOU WILL KNOW! Masturbate as often as you can and as soon as you find a guy you want to hook up with date him for a while and get to know him then you can give him your virginity without being uptight. It is better once you get to know him well enough to initiate the “first time” sexual encounter yourself. You will then be in control and it will be immensely fun and rewarding. But to me everything about sexual acts is wonderful and magnificent! I have sex every chance I can with boys always when asked but I initiate most sexual encounters with many of the male friends and I still mastubate often also. You might not get a guy who satisfies you the first time but guys are eager to learn so give him more than one chance. I am only fifteen but I have masturbated since I was six and I have had numerous partners since I gave away my virginity one week past my thirteenth birthday. I hope this helps you somewhat, “ItsAGeekThing”.

    • a

      You should not be giving this girl advice if you lost your virginity at 13. Do you really think your a good role model for that?

      • Superbandgeek

        Who gives a crap if she lost her virginity at 13? It doesn’t make her a bad role model for losing it at 13. It’s not like she is saying “OMG YOU NEED TO LOSE IT AT 13!!!” she is giving her advice about masturbation and telling her that it’s okay. I feel like people need to get a grip on the fact that having (or not having) sex is OKAY.


      • carrie-ann

        ‘a’ you are such an ignorant fool. I lost my virginity at 13 too. Role model?? What are you on about. Just by wearing a chastity belt doesnt make you a role model. Losing virginity at 13 happens for a variety of reasons. Stop being so critical of theresa.
        Masturbation is normal, fun and helps understand your sexuality and your body. I myself preferred sexual intercourse because of the wonderful things my boyfriend did to me. He used to make me orgasm so much with oral sex. I guess he was much older and had a lot of experience.
        But just explore yurself, let your imagination run wild, use your fingers, rub your clitoris, you can use the shower head or toys to insert. Take your time dont rush things and make sure you have a nice private place where there will be no one to disturb you and just take your clothes off and start by fingering yourself and inserting your finger into your vagina and moving it in and out. It is such an awesome feeling. Once you start getting mlist and wet you know you are on the right track. But keep doing it, dont be scared and just keep doing it till you reach that powerful final moment called the orgasm. You will know when that happens. Things will happen naturally. You will move your hips up and down, you will open your legs wider and you will want to push your fingers in deeeper, faster and harder and the sensations will compel you to continue till you reach orgasm. Enjoy.

        • Theresa

          You are so right carrie-ann! And I’m not really trying to be a role model. I just want girls to know that sex is a healthy part of life and they have as much right to enjoy sex as boys do without people looking down on them!

      • Jessica

        Did you just hear yourself. The girl in the question asked about the shames and safety of masturbation and instead of helping her you are sex shaming someone else because they were thirteen. Judging somebody’s intelligence or qualifications on their age of sexual activity is not right.