10 Sex & Hookup Tips From Sabrina The Teenage Witch

I grew up watching Sabrina The Teenage Witch and didn’t even realize how much subliminal sex advice I was getting! This show was the best. I seriously would try to talk to my cat and try to change my outfit with the flick of a finger. Obviously, neither of those things worked. Whatever.

Anyway, Sabrina was actually a pretty spicy show now that I’m looking back. I had no idea she had so much to offer in the sex and hookup department, but she totally did. And she was always sassy, which I appreciate since I am also a sassypants.

Click through for 10 sex and hookup tips from our favorite teenage witch!

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  • frothiest

    tbh all of this is out of context and u could just totally take out the sabrina gifs and itd be the same?? whats the point even

  • Audrey

    I don’t think this show matches very well with the advice. Not to say that this isn’t good advice, but from what I remember, Sabrina the Teenage Witch had nothing to do with sex. To not leave this on a bad note, I think loving yourself is the best thing to take away from this article. Confidence is key!