How Do You Hit Puberty Faster?

Hi Heather,

All of my friends are hitting puberty before me even though I’m older than them! Some of them are even shorter and smaller than me, but yet they have boobs and I don’t. I started to sprout but then stopped. But my friends just keep on growing. What can I do to hit puberty faster? Are there any pills or food that have lots of hormones? Please tell me if there is anything I can do to grow faster!

I feel your pain, girl. It’s really frustrating to watch a lot of people around you growing and maturing while you feel like you’re stuck as a little kid. It’s especially frustrating if you’re older than those people – you feel like you should be the one going through these changes while they sit on the sidelines and watch.

Unfortunately, there is absolutely nothing you can do to hit puberty faster. I wish I could list off the names of some special foods or pills full of hormones that will get you growing in no time, but I can’t because they don’t exist (and if you’ve read about them on the Internet, don’t believe it for a second). You’ll hit puberty when your body is ready to hit puberty. Your body doesn’t care if you’re ready to grow rightnow – it’s going to do things at it’s own pace.

Girls typically hit puberty between the ages of 11- and 14-years-old, but it can also happen even later than that. Some people hit puberty faster than others, regardless of their age, weight, height or anything like that. Also, hitting puberty doesn’t always mean you automatically grow large breasts. Need an example? By my freshman year of high school, I had gotten my period… but my boobs didn’t finish growing until I was in college! That doesn’t mean that will happen to everyone, but our bodies all work in different ways. It’s nothing to stress over.

Something else that might make you feel better? You could be going through puberty right now without even realizing it. Like I said, puberty doesn’t always mean immediate physical changes – things are happening inside of your body also and they’re not always as obvious.

So, while you’re waiting to catch up to your friends in the puberty department, try not to focus on speeding up the process. One day your body will grow and change into what it’s supposed to look like. In the meantime, love yourself for what you look like now. There’s no need to rush growing up – you’ll get there, I promise!


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  • Rin Okumura

    I’m 15 but I’m going to college soon (UK) and I’m kind of scared. Most of my primary school friends grew up, and I went to a private school so they haven’t seen me since. Many have messaged me saying that they can’t wait to see me, but I STILL LOOK LIKE A KID T-T

  • jaidyn

    I’m mad am 14! first I spourt all the girls in my class say that I’m flat

  • Silver Rose

    Hi. I know how you feel. My brother is two years younger than me and taller. My mom says that I will hit puberty and hit a growth spurt. But guess what … I am still waiting for a miracle to happen. It is ridiculous. My 5 – year old cousin is almost taller than me. I have always wanted to get there. All I have to say is wait and it will come. It is not pretty at all. For now… enjoy your free kids buffet while you can because trust me, it won’t last for much longer.

  • Cloe

    I am 13 now I believe my period came on when I was 10 my boobs came in too. But now I wish I didn’t hit puberty now.

  • Rebs

    Hey. I am 13, i wouldn’t worry if i were you. How old are you, your probably only young, like me. I only started my period this year at the ed of march, its only really been in the past month that i have had to have new bras because i hav out grown my other ones. ng

  • Cyga

    There’s no healthy way to speed it up, so just enjoy the benefits of a “young body” while you can. I have to wear two sports bras when I exercise to avoid getting punched in the face by my own body. This constriction solves one problem, but is still uncomfortable. Bigger isn’t always better. Everyone has their own turn-ons and turn-offs. Just work on being comfortable with yourself as you are. Love yourself and the right person will live you–friend, romantic interest, whoever.

  • Kylee

    Aw, this girl… This question is just so cute.