Playlist: 10 Songs By Our Favorite ’90s Boy Bands

There were a few basic essentials in the life of a young girl in the ’90s: Scrunchies, Luncahbles and a lot of boy bands. Yes, it was definitely the height of the boy band era and I was part of its target demographic. In retrospect, I think I was more into the female singers of the era, like Spice Girls and Britney Spears. But I still had a lot of love in my heart for ‘N Sync and Backstreet Boys–And no, I didn’t prefer one over the other. Unheard of, I know.

Of course, I didn’t fully understand everything these dudes were singing about and I’m pretty sure most of their songs were about having dirty, kinky sex or something else that went over my eight-year-old head. But that didn’t stop me from belting all the words to their songs in the car or dancing to their music videos after school–R.I.P. TRL.

So here’s to dancing to “Everybody” at roller skating birthday parties, ending friendships after debates about the cutest member and thinking that matching, oversized athletic gear was a good look.


TRACKLIST: ‘N Sync – Tearin’ Up My Heart | Boyz II Men – Motown Philly | 5ive – When The Lights Go Out |  Color Me Badd – I Wanna Sex You Up | LFO – Summer Girls | 98 Degrees – True To Your Heart | New Kids On The Block – Step By Step | Backstreet Boys – Everybody (Backstreet’s Back) | Hanson – MMMBop


Which one of these songs makes you feel the most nostalgic? Who are some of your male pop singers from the 90s? What boy band did we forget to include? Tell us in the comments!

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