Gurl Horoscopes July 2013


Now that you have been released from the obligation of formal education you have some time to for genius ideas. You are here to show the world a smarter way to get things done. A bigger picture plan that helps everyone is always formulating in your mind. Sudden ideas and inspiration can lead you to paths of happiness. You may have many acquaintances to see this summer. Make sure you have at least one heart to heart friendship for the moments you need to bare your soul to someone who knows the deeper you. Feelings can be friendly too.

TV show match: Shark Tank, to inspire you with great ideas

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  • Raven

    Something weird I’ve noticed is whenever I see a horoscope and each of the signs has an accompanying portrait, the one for Capricorn is really ugly 🙁

    Why can’t I ever get a cute picture for my sign? I really like the Aries and pisces this website uses, but the Capricorn have that weird expression and doofy hair things. Just another reason I hate being a capricorn.

    • jenny

      so true raven. capricorn always has some weird funky thing going on with her look. its like yeah we are a little off beat, but why cant you make us a cute avatar for once?
      the scorpio one was so sassy.. and then capricorn with her stupid turtleneck.