Gurl Horoscopes July 2013


The sun is in your opposite sign until late July. This can cause a sort of tension. You are naturally focused on achievement, making things happen in the world according to your five year plan is one of your special talents. Your opposite sign always has the qualities you are lacking, in this case it is an emotional sensitivity. You need to take time and pay attention to the feeling side of life to be a fully balanced woman. Be in the moment. Things can take care of themselves long enough for you to lean into your feelings.

TV show match: The Lying Game, to reflect your conflicting sides

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  • Raven

    Something weird I’ve noticed is whenever I see a horoscope and each of the signs has an accompanying portrait, the one for Capricorn is really ugly 🙁

    Why can’t I ever get a cute picture for my sign? I really like the Aries and pisces this website uses, but the Capricorn have that weird expression and doofy hair things. Just another reason I hate being a capricorn.

    • jenny

      so true raven. capricorn always has some weird funky thing going on with her look. its like yeah we are a little off beat, but why cant you make us a cute avatar for once?
      the scorpio one was so sassy.. and then capricorn with her stupid turtleneck.