7 Reasons Oral Sex Is Totally Awesome And Not Pointless

A new study has come out that’s questioning the point of oral sex. This is not a drill. Some scientists are actually studying if oral sex performed on women is necessary. The specific question is “Is cunnilingus-assisted orgasm a male sperm-retention strategy?”.

Basically, they want to know if a woman has an orgasm through oral sex before intercourse, if that will help sperm-retention. A higher retention would mean a higher chance of getting said woman pregnant, which means that oral sex assists in reproduction and is great for evolution.

But the study found that oral sex DOES NOT assist in sperm-retention strategy, therefore rendering oral sex for women pointless. Because science.

NOPE. I’m not having it! Aren’t there like, I don’t know, cells to study or something? Don’t come up in here with some study and be all “Dear ladies, oral sex for you isn’t necessary kthanksbye!”. Oral sex is not pointless. In fact, it’s awesome.

So here are 7 reasons why oral sex is great.

What do you think about oral sex? Do you think it’s awesome or pointless? Tell us in the comments!

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  1. avatar kimberley taylor says:

    it’s good

  2. avatar vanessa Bigbear says:

    I thot it was weird, now im like get ur ass down there and make me hapy, but my boyfriends actually loves going down on me Other guys i’ve been with never did. for those of you who thinks it’s nasty, youll understand one day why we love it. Ima ask my boyfriend next time we koonish haha :)

  3. avatar Anon says:


    • avatar Kayla says:

      It is not gross it is a very passionate thing that helps couples grow and it helps your personal growth.

      • avatar Nancy says:

        I am only 13 but here is my opinion. It is fantastic to give and receive oral sex. I tell my guys I will have them for dessert and I always swallow. I am turned on by the smell and taste of come! I also love to have them eat me. Right now I am having oral sex and sexual intercourse with 5 guys. Both of my sisters are also in group action!

        • avatar PrincessShorty says:

          What?! You’re 13!!! STOP PLEASE, don’t do it!! NOO!!!!!

        • avatar Jimmy says:

          Internet Rule #37: There are no girls on the internet.

          I’m just gonna pretend that a guy just posted that and not a girl.

      • avatar Emi says:

        Uh, agree with anon. I don’t need personal growth from some dude with his face in my personal area. Talk about SUPER gross.

  4. avatar Gina says:

    I love to have guys perform oral sex on me and then I will suck them off also. I love their tongues inside me, flicking my clitoris and then nibbling on it as well as pushing their whole face firmly against my labia and sticking their tongues inside my vaginal canal! Then we have wonderful intercourse.

  5. avatar LucyLove says:

    Oral sex is so good

  6. avatar Scarlet says:

    I personally love it and believe that it is needed. It just seems too awkward without it.

  7. avatar Cassie says:

    Of course oral sex is awesome! For me it’s the only way I have ever been able to have an orgasm. That means he has to be very good at it, like doing it…..besides if he won’t “eat the cookie”, I’m not going to”rock his mic” either. I can’t stand it when guys are selfish that way.

    • avatar Judy says:

      I love it when guys go down on me , especially if they do it with enthusiasm. I enjoy feeling their tongues lick my clit hard and fast, darting in and out of my vaginal canal, suck on my inner lips, and even lick around the outside of my vulva and the area between my pussy and my anus. The nerves there are super sensitive on me and I can’t get enough! Old guys are more likley to to do this than young guys and I repay them with a good suck and sexual intercourse. I am seventeen and I have sex with one of my father’s friend who is 58. The age difference is huge I know but he is the BEST sex partner I’ve ever had and worth the secrecy involved. Daddy can never find out though; he would be so hurt but I doubt if I could stop because he is THAT GOOD.

    • avatar Jim says:

      It is my second most favorite sex act. Actually, it’s a tie for first. I love to “eat the cookie”. I love the smell, the delicious taste, the sticky thickness of the vaginal juices, everything about performing orally. I even try to suck in and swallow as much vaginal juices as possible! How wonderful it is to take something her body manufactures deep inside my body and make it part of me! I like to make her move her hips side to side, buck her pelvis up and down, and moan and scream out loud in pleasure! To me giving a girl pleasure orally is a need , a vital function of life. Amen.

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  9. avatar BreezyB says:

    Oral sex can be “fun”, as well as a lot of other things.. But I feel like gurl is focusing on too many articles about sex..

  10. avatar haileylove says:

    oral sex is awesome! but then it hurts… nd i stop

  11. avatar Kylee says:

    Haha, I just love Caitlin. She’s so awesome and hilarious. I love this entire article as well. It’s just so perfect.

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