8 Of The Weirdest Beauty Treatments Around

I’m always down to try new beauty treatments. I’ve done all sorts of things like put avocados in my hair and downed some apple cider vinegar. I have tried using strawberries as lip color and used chafing gel as a face primer. All in the name of beauty!

I was thinking about all the strange things I’ve done in terms of beauty treatments, and some people do way more out there stuff than I do! No judgment though. If you find something that works for you, keep it up! That’s the great thing about beauty, everyone is different.

Check out the 8 weirdest beauty treatments we’ve seen and some that we’ve tried!

Have you done any of these treatments? Is there anything you won’t try? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Mia

    I do the egg one once a week it makes my skin feel so smooth and it doesn’t smell a bit!

  • Pamela

    the fish one is awesome I’ve had it and it feels like tickles and your skin is AMAZING after

  • Kaitlin

    Yeah, some of those are definitely…odd. I wonder why they call the bird poop one the ‘Geisha Facial’?

    • Sophie

      Geishas wear white paint on their face, and while having the bird poop facial done, I’m assuming your face would be white from the poo, thus making you look like a Geisha.