Summer Expectations Vs. Reality In GIFs

Every year when summer came around, I always had these crazy expectations for what the summer would be like. I’d hang out with my friends all day every day by the pool or go on an awesome beach trip. I’d have no responsibilities, and I’d have an exciting summer fling.

But expectations for summer rarely end up being the reality. I always ended up working all summer and being bogged down by summer reading. I totally enjoyed my summers, but I feel like they just never were what they could have been, you know?

Check out these summer expectations versus reality:

How you think you’ll look while laying out

How you actually look

How you think you’ll look when you’re sweaty

How you actually look

How you think it will be to be bored (CAKE)

What it’s actually like being bored

What you think your tan will look like

What actually happens

What you expect family vacations to be like

What family vacations are actually like

What you think you and your friends will be doing

What you and your friends will really be doing

What you think having a summer fling will be like

What it will actually be like

What’s different about your summer expectations versus realities? Do you have any fun summer plans? Tell us in the comments!

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