Check Out The Trailer For The Latest Scary Movie: Insidious Chapter 2

I know we’re all in summer mode right now, but you know what I love about the fall? Good movies. It seems like there are always better and more exciting movies out in the fall! Why does summer get the short end of the (cinema) stick?

Anyway, at least we have movie trailers to get us ready for all of the awesome fall movies! Insidious Chapter 2 is coming out September 13, which happens to be a spooky Friday the 13th as well.

The original Insidious scared the pants off audiences everywhere, and this one looks just as creepy! The movie features the same family, and they’re being haunted all over again. Can’t they catch a break?!

We’ve got the trailer just for you! Watch below, but be warned you guys, it’s really scary!!

Are you going to see Insidious Chapter 2? Tell us in the comments!
This post is written in partnership with Insidious Chapter 2.

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  1. avatarTaylor says:

    I saw that in theaters. it was awesome. I personally think it was better than the first one.

  2. avatardom says:

    the ‘he’s got your baby’ scared the heck out of me and gave me chills

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